Saturday, September 10, 2016

Retired Rod Update

We just wanted to put an update out there as so many people have asked about Rod.  He had SUCCESSFUL brain surgery on March 21st and came HOME two week later after a short visit to the rehab hospital.  He successfully completed 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation at that time.  His first post chemo scan showed no progression.  Rod then started on chemo once per month.  He has since had another positive scan result.  He's had some hiccups along the way but is "fighting the good fight" as he said yesterday.

We cannot begin to thank everyone for the texts, calls, cards, messages, and positive thoughts/prayers.  He struggles to type on his phone or computer.  But he enjoys reading notes or hearing that someone has messaged us.  Just know they are so appreciated.

Rod's kids

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

i'a am at a home.  now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whats left

I am unable to blog. Or write.  Surgery Monday.  This may help or on my not. Its a crap shoot.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wrap up..

Before I forget, I have to say how much I enjoyed the blogger fest that George and Suzie sponsored this year...  Seems like I talked and talked  my head off with everyone...  Before I knew it, it was 4:30 and time to go on home.

I had arrived from the closing ceremonies of the Ham Fest three miles South at La Paz Road Runner Campground...  The drawing and comments were supposed to last an hour..  But that turned out to be in name only, because it went on and on..  The prize at the end was a $500 two meter radio, so no one was leaving...  Until they left all at once..  Going away from the back of the camp where I was camped..  Poor Biscuit had to stay home or I was going to be seriously late...   My camera was also in camp so there went photos of the Bloggerfest.  I never win anything at these give aways, so I should have left early, but one can always hope...

Of Course Al has lots Pictures..  And George had just as many pictures Here..  Al has several days worth so follow on for a few days...  I had a bright yellow green motorcycle shirt on which made me rather bright in the pictures.

On Sunday morning I was up before dawn getting ready to load out..  But being by myself, it took all morning to do all the inside work and get cleaned up, and packed up to go.. But that was only to the dump station in town....

It wasn't backed up too bad, but the show price for the dump station was $15 which seems high..  Their sewer connection is plumbed with the hose fastened right into the ground which should be faster, but the ends on the hose are worn out and leak..  Motorhomes have an inside sewer locker so the leaky hose quickly becomes a mess..  The dump station also has no water hose to wash any thing down..  Just a bucket.  Its also all gravel which is a mud hole.  So I don't like going there.

The drive back here to Mesa was about 3 hours and normally uneventful.  But with the football games going on, it took me the rest of the day to load everything back into the house.. It was dark as I returned the MH to storage.

Today poor Biscuit had to get the desert dirt washed from he her fur..  I'm not sure she was in favor of our camping trip..  But the one thing I do know is how spoiled we are to have a house with electric lights and heat on natural gas..  Unlimited hot water and sewer for the washer are just as nice.  So I'm certain I will never make a good full timer...

Retired Rod