Friday, February 8, 2008

Weak Connection Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

I am just way too frugal. I haven't paid for an internet connection yet, and as propagation would have it, we could not get connected thru the open router last night, so we just went without the computer for the evening.

We went to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. We spent all afternoon there looking for wildlife. We did see quite a varied group of birds and animals.

We spent an hour or more on the auto tour route that goes for 15 miles back thru the outer reaches of the refuge. This is a single lane one way strip of asphalt. Your vehicle can not be longer than 25 feet or taller than 12 feet. This is truly just a path thru the wilds.
Visitors Center

Walkway up to the 40 Foot Observation Tower

Whooping Cranes To the left of the White Float Markers In the little inlet. Have to have a good imagination. All I have is a 200 MM lens. This is a good 2 miles away.

Views from the tower

Walkway next to the sea in the wet lands.

Looking South along the bay.

Armadillo along the Auto Tour.

Hidden Lake at end of the a short trail. Were supposed to be alligators, but all we saw was common coots.

Doe thru the windshield. She just stood and looked at us. As though she was as curious about us, as we were about her.

This Egret was very wary of us. She flew just after the shutter noise.

Another path from the parking lot arrives at the sea.

A few sea ducks but no other wild life. Good view of the sea.

This fellow was waiting behind a fence. He must stay at this pond all the time.

He kept opening one eye and closing the other as though he thought we could be lunch! Just mess up and get a little closer.

The ducks seem to not even care about the alligator.

Our 200 mm lens is only F4.5 so we need to have a bigger brighter one if we get into this wild life hobby in a more serious way.

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