Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kansas City Blahs

I have been sick here in KC for the last week. Virus cold and chest congestion. And the cough from heck. Not getting much better. Haven't started the truck since last Saturday. Just too dizzy to drive.

The grand kids have this and it does not go away for them either. Grandma got it first and she is finally getting beyond it after 2 1/2 weeks. That means I have another week to go. Yuk!

I wanted to go to Texas to check out a place to put the RV for the winter , but the wife has said she isn't leaving her nice home and the Gkids. So I winterized the rig and here we sit.

Don't see us leaving again in 2007. The holidays means a lot more to the wife than they do to me. We are spending the Thanksgiving day at our oldest son's wife's parents home. Nice we were invited, or we would be home alone. We have a good relationship with them and are thankful for that.

I did put up a small string of 100 C9 Xmas lights. Well the neighbor lady saw me up on the ladder, and made her husband come over and help climb for me. Kinda humbling but the neuropathy in my legs and feet, causes me to not be as steady on my legs on a ladder. So I accepted the help!

Nothing more to report here but at least we are all safe and sound.

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