Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

I see I have 51 followers which is an all time high for me!!!   And I want each and every one of you to know that I really appreciate your decision to follow us on a full time basis.

Thank YOU!

And Have a Happy Halloween!!!! Hope you get lots of Trick or Treaters!!!   Or not, if you turn the lights out and shut the blinds....   LOL    Beware of the window soapers though.

Rod and Loyce

All day football

Saturday Football again!  Where did the day go?  But I am much more happy tonight, as my Hawkeyes jumped all over the Michigan State folks winning 37 to 6.  For those of you that don't follow these things, Michigan State was undefeated before this game.

It really won't help us much because we have two losses and several teams in the big ten only have one loss.  But from a moral stand point, we know we can win the big game most of the time.  We have several big games left in the season, most notably Ohio State!

We can hope that if we win a bunch more games, we will get a really nice bowl.  As I write this tonight, I am watching the Oregon Ducks hand it to USC.  One of these days, they are going to have to recognize the Ducks as number one.  But then Auburn won again today too.

So I have nothing to show for today, and Loyce came and went during the day, but I have no idea what she was up to.  Us guys are so worthless on College football Saturdays.

I did go over to Wendy's for my favorite double junior meal deal.  But then rushed right back in order not to miss too much of the Hawkeye game.

I think I have spent a lot more time with football this fall than almost ever before, but being shut into the living room recovering has had a lot to do with that.

Retired Rod

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hoping for the long Run!

I stayed away from the Wal Mart Pharmacy today, as their is no need to make myself angry another time.  Perhaps the memory will fade and I can return again.  Or perhaps I will become hungry and need groceries, LOL.

My oldest son Chris stopped by and paid us a visit this morning and we got to catch up with him as it has been two weeks since we have seen him.  He works in distant cities during the week, and often different cities.  They won't always pay his airfare home, so we as a family deal with the weeks he is away.

Other than that, we hung around here all day.  Loyce got tired of me not finishing the mowing from last week, so she headed out and mowed the back yard with the Lawnboy.  It is self propelled and fairly light, as lawn mowers go, but it is still work!

It seemed to be warmer here today, but as I look at the outdoor weather station, I see it is only 50 outside.  But our wind has totally subsided, and that will make us much warmer in the house.

I want to report that all the pain has gone away, and that I am back to normal, but alas it is slow, so I am hanging in here and hoping for the long run!

Retired Rod

Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting it right!

No I can't take that one!  I'm allergic to it.  You take it with this one!  No I don't take that one either!  I'm allergic to it too!   This is me talking to an answering machine at the doctor's office this morning.  They can't just answer the phone, you have to play answering machine tag!

After about ten calls to get it right, they finally called me in person......that time I thought we got it right!

That is until I went over to Wal Mart tonight and they handed me the bottle that I was allergic to!!!!!  Grrrr!  Well come to find out they had a second bottle with the right stuff too.  But it took an act of congress to make them understand that I was allergic to the first bottle and was refusing it.  The clerk seemed to not know what to do next!

And of course my insides were screaming in pain as I stood there.  So I had to get the pharmacist involved. I asked if he wanted me to take something I knew would cause a violent reaction, and he whisked away the wrong pills in a heartbeat!  All of this for a bill of $1.56.

That was the only time I left the house today, because the last two days at the hospital had drained most of my stamina. I'm good to go for about an hour, but any longer and I need to go sit down.  The surgeon told me it would be better in a couple of weeks, but then they said that two weeks ago too.

It got seriously colder here overnight, and was barely 40 this morning.  The wind had continued  for most of the night.  I heard the heat pump go about 4 AM.  Winter has arrived here on the Kansas plains.  We had the typical sunny day, but it never was warmer than the mid 50's.

I want to leave tomorrow, but I still have a month to wait!  And I am not very patient at that.  But if I look at the comment about being spent in an hour or so, I know that I can't go anywhere yet!

Retired Rod

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The surgeon

The trip to the doctor's office was uneventful!  I was early, but they led me to an exam room almost immediately.  Within 10 minutes the doctor showed up, still almost a half hour early.  He thanked me for being so prompt and discussed my progress.

He explained that I was wise to have gone thru this operation before the growth turned into Cancer!  Because it would have!  Yikes!

He then had me stand and bare my front so he could look at the incision.  Evidentially I passed as he said "looks good."    And then " you won't have to come back here again unless you think you need to."

And with that we shook hands and he was gone.  Busy Fellow.

Last night and today have not been the best, however, as I think I have has some reaction to the flu shot in my weakened condition.  Nothing drastic, just that it aggravated my already compromised bowel.

I am not going to stick around long tonight and rattle off opinions as they might come out downtrodden in attitude.  So its best that I just go up to bed and watch some more late night TV.

Perhaps tomorrow!

Retired Rod

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to the Doctor

Rick brought up my family Doctor and do's and don'ts.  But my Doctor is a kind of heavy 40 something fellow that has all the same problems with food and temptations that the rest of us have.  That's why I like the fellow.  He understands and fights the demons that we all do.

He isn't a bit pious about having done everything right and you, you fats son of a gun, are doing it all wrong!  No he is overweight, and talks about how hard it is to keep on the straight and narrow.  He talks about what works for him and what hasn't.  He even asked me what I had done in some cases, to battle these temptations saying that he needs more control himself.

So this is the guy that I went in to see this morning, and he was cheerful and jolly as usual, but then serious when he started to go thru all the stuff that he needed to.  I did all the lab stuff, and was drained of all my fluids and then hit the road.  I did get a flu shot in the process, and was happy to learn that this years shot includes the H1N1 virus as well as all the other seasonal stuff.  So they think that one shot does it all this year.

So now tomorrow I have to go to the surgeon and have him give me another once over.  I'm not sure what that will entail but its not optional.

I did stay home this afternoon and just hang out.  As walking all over the Hospital and Doctor's buildings this morning was a fairly good workout.  It was my own fault, as I parked in front of the wrong building.  I was brain dead, parking in front of the building where the old office had been located.  Then when inside, remembering that it was over a building now.

So I went up to the third floor where they have a walkway to cross the parking area over to the other building.  Then down a floor in the inside stairway to the second floor and the office.  Of course the return trip retraced all these steps.  Except I went the wrong way on coming out of the office so that led me even farther away from where the car was parked.  I'm sure it was good and needed exercise so I am not complaining.

Here at home, I managed to get a nap in during the afternoon.  Even after three weeks, that pesky anesthesia makes you tired at three o'clock.   Well at least that is my excuse!

I am mindful that most folks have to go back to work at the end of four weeks, and that I would not be ready as of Monday of next week.  Well maybe if I heal up some more between now and then.  But being retired, that won't be an issue.

It was somewhat cold and windy here today!  Well really windy overnight and this morning.  But the sun here in Kansas almost always comes out.   And this afternoon it did as well, warming us up into the 60's.  Still, in the wind, I needed a jacket.  So long to the T shirt and shorts weather!

Retired Rod

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loyce's Dinner and I hang back from outside tasks!

So we did it, and no I didn't have enough nerve to follow Al's suggestion that we go to Wendy's.   I read it to her and she said "HA HA HA,  yea Right."

So tonight we went to Long Horn Steak House. Loyce had a nice Rib Eye Steak, and I had Lobster Bisque Soup and a Baked Potato.  Since she didn't finish all of her steak, I got a few bites of that too.  The restaurant is over by our new Bass Pro Shop Outdoor Store.  It is in a new strip shopping mall and I didn't remember that it was there.

Loyce kept telling me it was over next to that fishing store.  Well you know me, I thought she was referring to a local bait shop with the water tanks and smelly worms and stuff.  I kept going over in my mind what she was talking about.  I had to have her direct me to where she was thinking.  She kept telling me it was over on 119th and so it was.  And yes, I have ridden the bike thru there repeatedly.  But I wasn't looking at the restaurants in the strip malls at the time!

And like Brenda suggested, I didn't go mow the yard today, because it causes me to use those muscles down the front of me too much.  Then they get to aching late at night.  It feels fine while you are doing it, but then catches up with you later.

So I hung around inside most of the day.  Working with the computer and messing around with Picasa and the Web Albums.  I see that I have used over half of my free allotted space for the blog pictures, so if I get to storing other photos up there, I will need to start paying.  That doesn't really bother me much, as I think this is a great service that Google is providing with Blogger and Picasa!  Paying to make sure it doesn't go away, that's OK too.

Tomorrow is the first visit with the family doctor for diabetes and all the related stuff.  I find that if I have just been in when I call for scripts and such, me being in Arizona doesn't bother them much.  Just give them the phone number of the local pharmacy and they call.  But, if it has been a while, then all bets are off.

Wednesday is the trip to the surgeon so he can admire his work!  Well, perhaps he will do some other things as well.  We will see how that goes!

Retired Rod

Monday, October 25, 2010

The mower and Loyce has another Birthday!

The page is blank and my head is just as blank.  But not from watching the football games, as I didn't watch a one today!  After all day yesterday and even into the late night, as I had to watch Missouri and Oklahoma go at it.  And again the kiss of number one was the kiss of death as Oklahoma lost!

This afternoon, I went out to see if the lawn mower would start for me in my weakened condition.  With its new primer pump, I was able to give it several good shots of gas, and it started first pull!  It is a two cycle, and doesn't require much of any strength to pull over.

So, I mowed the front yard.  The mower is self propelled, so all you have to do is walk behind it.  I made the half mile walk the other day, so the front yard is not much of a task.  But, I was really glad to go put the mower in the garage when it was done.   You do use more muscles with the mower than walking, and I will have to break that job up over several days this fall.

Now I will mow the back yard with the John Deere, as soon as I think I can stand to be jostled around on it.  It doesn't ride like a car as it has no springs.  Maybe I will give it a try later in the week.  But right now I have a bunch of Doctor's appointments in the next few days, so straining myself before seeing them doesn't seem to be in may best interest.

As you read this, it will be Loyce's birthday!  So even though she never reads the blog and I could tell any number of tall tales about her here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!!

I will have to take her out for dinner tomorrow, even if I need to eat some soup or something bland.

Retired Rod

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Big Ten

Lets go ahead and answer JB's comment with another post.  If your not into football or sports this post will not interest you so much, so please skip!

Yes there are 11 schools in the big ten.  This happened several years ago when Penn State became a member of the conference.

I always thought it was interesting that there is an 11 in the middle of the big ten logo.  See it surrounding the big T of ten.

So let see if I can name them all.

Penn State, Ohio State, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa.  Yep, that's 11.

And to further confuse the issue, we will have 12 schools next year as Nebraska is slated to leave the big 12 and come to the big 10.  This will cause the conference to be divided into Eastern and Western divisions.  This is still somewhat up in the air, but has also been planned subject to changes yet foreseen.
Rather than retype this, I copied it from the big ten web site.

Park Ridge, Ill. - The Big Ten Conference office announced football division alignments beginning with the 2011 season as recommended by conference directors of athletics and reviewed and supported by the Big Ten Council of Presidents/Chancellors. Nebraska will officially begin conference competition in 2011, giving the Big Ten 12 football programs for the first time in conference history.

The winner of each Big Ten division will meet in the inaugural Big Ten Football Championship Game, to be played December 3, 2011, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The championship game will determine the Big Ten Champion and the conference's participant in the Rose Bowl Game or Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game.

The Big Ten football division alignments will include a division featuring Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue and Wisconsin, and a division featuring Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northwestern. Each school will play the other five schools within its division and will also face three teams from the other division, including one cross-division matchup guaranteed on an annual basis. The guaranteed cross-division matchups are Illinois-Northwestern, Indiana-Michigan State, Ohio State-Michigan, Penn State-Nebraska, Purdue-Iowa and Wisconsin-Minnesota. Names for each Big Ten football division will be announced at a later date.

"Over the past several months, Big Ten staff and directors of athletics have met on several occasions to discuss and finalize division alignments," said Big Ten Commissioner James E. Delany. "We focused on competitive equality, traditional rivalries and geography. We considered multiple models and countless permutations in an effort to achieve the most competitively balanced divisions while at the same time respecting our traditions, preserving existing rivalries, and creating opportunities for the establishment and growth of new rivalries. We have listened to the feedback from our institutions, alumni and fans, and while we understand that no final alignments could possibly satisfy all of our constituents, we believe that we have achieved a very exciting result."

With the division alignments finalized, the Big Ten also announced updated conference schedules for the 2011 and 2012 football seasons. The 2011 and 2012 intraconference schedules are attached as PDFs.
The 115th season of Big Ten football kicks off Thursday, Sept. 2, as Indiana hosts Towson, Minnesota plays at Middle Tennessee State, and Ohio State welcomes Marshall. The conference's other eight teams open action on Saturday, Sept. 4

Probably more than you wanted to know!

Retired Rod

Yet another Football Saturday!

Oh, the tears, my Hawkeyes lost by one point on a mistake at the end of the game!!!!  Sports is a bummer when you are on the losing side of the coin!

But again I spent the day with the college football games.  A complete and total waste of my time, but I enjoy it so much!!

Loyce went over to the grandkids house and delivered a large cupcake and a lot of small ones for Ema's birthday party that she was having with her girlfriends.  She was 7 about the time I was having surgery.  But tonight is a belated party, as it is so hectic to schedule anything.

I passed on the opportunity, as the little kids sometimes become rambunctious and I didn't want to be bumped in the tummy.  They come running at full force and run right into you.  I am not in shape for that yet!

With 2 losses, Iowa will now just have to see if they can get a good bowl.  And any thought of the Rose bowl is history!  We have to play Ohio State, and Michigan State yet, so our losses could be higher yet.  Oh well there can only be one winner of the big ten!  And ten other teams will be disappointed.

So the day has gotten away from me!

Retired Rod

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loyce and Grandkids go to the Pumpkin Patch.

Loyce was off and headed to the pumpkin farm with  4 of the five grandkids today.  They are all out of school because of parent teacher conferences.  This annual sojourn to the great pumpkin patch is something I usually go along on, taking pictures and the like, but I decided that I would not make the grade this year.

It turns out that they went from about ten in the morning until almost 4 in the afternoon.   I would have died long about 1 PM, so hanging back was a really good choice for me.

Loyce said that if getting dirty from being  out on the farm was an indicator, they must have really had fun, because they were all nasty, dirty.  Well all but the baby.  Melissa our daughter in law went along in my place and kept the one year old from the nasty part of the fray.

So a big thanks goes out to Melissa for the stand in services that got me off of the hook on going to the pumpkin farm.

I just hung out here at the house and never left all day.  Reading and cruising the internet.  I am getting stronger from a physical standpoint, but my insides are still revolting from being re plumbed.  Without going into the specifics, it is best to just stay back, and give them the time they need to settle down and find themselves.

Retired Rod

Friday, October 22, 2010

The day after, with more recovery for me!

First of all , Thank You all for the kind comments on Loyce coming thru her test with flying colors.  It greatly relieved me as well.

Loyce was up and out of here on her morning walk before I was downstairs for breakfast.  She seems to have popped back from yesterday's ordeal without any carryover effects.  She had a date with our grandson Caden to spend the day together.

Me, on the other hand, had drained out most of the energy that I had saved up to accompany her on the trip to the Hospital.  By the time you read this it will be three weeks since the surgery, and while I am doing much better, I just have no stamina for activity that lasts more than about 2 hours.  We were at the Hospital almost 4 hours.

So today didn't have much for accomplishments in it beyond just getting cleaned up and making breakfast on the now repaired new grill from Wolfgang!  I think I may have to take that along in the motorhome this winter, but I have no idea where I intend to store it for travel.

After a nap this afternoon, while Caden and Grandma headed out to yet another store, I went over to Wal Mart to buy some groceries for myself.  Our diets are so different right now as Loyce is doing Atkins, and I am on a sort of soft food diet, so our groceries are totally different.

I did charge right into Wal Mart from the parking lot and pick out $35 worth of purchases.  I waited in line behind several big carts, without being in too much pain, and loaded all the stuff into the car.  But I do have to confess that I sat at home for a while before going out and unloading the car.  But that trip last week would have killed me!  So, I feel that progress continues.

Tonight, I just sat here and watched the boob tube.  More mindless TV, but someone has to do it!  I'm still not ready to run any marathons, LOL

Retired Rod

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Medical Time

The alarm went off at 7AM!  I was in a trance.  But I had been asleep for most of the night, after not sleeping too well the night before.  But back to 7AM, I had to get up.  We were to be over at the Hospital by 8.  But today I wasn't the patient.

Loyce had the same test scheduled for today that I failed back in September.  So for the third time, we went thru the laxative prep procedure the day before.  All of you folks over 50 have been thru this bit, and I won't go into it for the youngsters out there.  Just know your time will come!

I didn't have to drink the stuff this time, but I think it is almost harder on me to watch Loyce go thru what I experienced twice last month.  Puts you right back into the thick of the experience again.  But at least she passed the test that I failed.  This is stupendous, because we do want to leave the area for the winter, and if she had failed..........

We were back out of the Hospital by about 10:30, but she was hungry, so we stopped for some breakfast at McDonalds.  She orders the eggs and the sausage patty, and water.  No bread, and no fried potatoes for  her!  I know, she is smart!

So the rest of her day was sleeping off the IV drugs that they knock you out with.  She could hardly keep awake on the ride home.

I went out mid afternoon and drove around some, just looking at nothing in particular.  I drove thru the car lot looking at new toad vehicles, but didn't like any of them.  A pesky salesman caught me and  asked about a million questions that I didn't want to answer, and knew less about his product than I did.  He made sure I had his card, but didn't add one bit of information that I didn't already know.  I'll be sure and look him up with a purchase decision! Ya you bet.

Once back home, I have been immersed in the computer looking up all manner of worthless stuff on the Watch Geeks web site.   That is another of my many hobbies, learning about watches and the movements inside.  Of course, I want to buy them all, but try to keep it within reality.  Every now and then Jim Skelton on Shop NBC will get me though.

So that was our day here, not too productive, but then another of the medical appointments has been checked off the list, which makes us just that much closer to checking out of here!

Retired Rod

Oh, by the way, the pieces to the Wolfgang Puck griddle/grill arrived today in Fed Ex Blue.  I think it was more than a week ago that they emailed me that they were shipped.  But at least they arrived and were in fact a left and a right side.  And also had the back piece too.  Now we have all kinds of pieces!  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bad night but a nice walk in the afternoon.

This day kind of got away from me, as last night was not a good night from the surgery stand point.  I'm not sure why, but sometimes the incisions and interior work begins to ache and then I get the gas bloat business.  Maybe it is the other way around, the bloat makes the incisions ache.

But without determining which comes first the chicken or the egg, I spent the greater part of last night watching the mindless TV again.  At about 6:30 in the morning, I decided I needed some breakfast, and went down to the kitchen for a biscuit and a couple of links of sausage.  The frozen kind from Wal Mart!  Again just two, as my system is still very fragile.

With a bit of powdered  lemonade in a bottle, I returned to the bedroom to watch some more TV.  And low and behold, the next thing I remember is waking at about 11 AM.  I guess you get sleep when you get it.  That's the good thing about being retired.

When I came back downstairs, and flipped on the Computer Monitor, I realized that my blog hadn't posted from last night.  That always steams me!!  I know that I set it up correctly, and could see no reason that it didn't post.  Bolgger has a problem with that part of their system, as pushing publish again immediately posted it.  Had something been wrong with the dates and times, it wouldn't have posted correctly the second time.  Who knows?

But on the day that I am struggling, that is when it decides to mess up too.

In the middle of the afternoon, I decided to go on another walk around the neighborhood and made it around our large multi block circle.  It is about a half of a mile in circumference,  which is as far as I have gone since the surgery.  I can't go very fast, but steadily plodded along.  I did stop and rest a bit on one of the mail boxes at the far end of the circle, and was exceedingly relieved to get back to the house and the chair when it was over, but I made it.  That little  dodder would have been nothing last month, but now it seems like such an accomplishment.

I drove over and got the car washed later in the afternoon, just to get out again, but tonight I have been nose glued to this computer again.  Thank goodness for all the forums and all of your posts, as they have become my entire life here for the last three weeks.  It is appreciated!

Retired Rod

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No smoke, but awfully hot!

I wrote this on Monday and set it to auto post at midnight, but as often is the case blogger didn't post it! So I will manually post it now, but it seems late when you don't catch it until noon the next day. Sorry about that.

It's the middle of the afternoon (Monday), and I just had my keyboard burn up on the new home built computer.  I salvaged the old keyboard as I built the new bare bones machine.  Nothing ever goes wrong with a keyboard does it?  Well it would seem not!

But as I was sitting here, the cord began to get hot.  And then hotter, as I quickly pulled it out of the back of the new machine.  It was the older PS 2 connection, and the back of the tower was facing me directly, so unplugging it was just reach over and do it.

So I headed out to Hypertech and bought a new keyboard.  But, of course the new keyboards are USB.  And I immediately wondered how many ports like that I had and if Ubuntu would recognize the new design keyboard.  Read that, a new driver is necessary!  And the new machine does have 8 ports.

It all plugged together nicely once I got home.

But, it scared me for a minute as I rebooted, when it said that the hard drive was unaccessible!

But I had tried a warm start reboot, so after reaching over and totally killing the power for a cold start, here I am typing away on the new Logitech K120 keyboard.

Of course the thing is light plastic and has absolutely no tactile feel to it.  But what do you expect for under $20?  I know, I should have bought it three weeks ago when I bought the new bare bones.  But that would be hindsight.  And none of us have any of that! LOL

Now as I think about it, the motherboard ROM BIOS (read only memory, basic input output system) had to inventory the available peripherals and configure them before starting any operating system, so of course it needed a cold start reboot.  Dah!   I know these things, but I don't do it for a living like I used to do, so it takes a while for me to get up to speed again.   My computer is my right arm and window into the real world, and when it goes into a failure mode, it is a bonafide emergency!


I'm trying to remember if I can answer Al's question about whether I still have my teddy bear.  The answer is no, but more perplexing is that I can't remember if I actually had a teddy bear.  I remember having a boy doll at one time, but I didn't play with it much, because my friends said that dolls were for girls.  That must have had an effect on me, because the doll was lost forever as I moved out of the parents house.

At about the same time that I graduated from High School, my folks moved into a different house, and a lot of the old stuff that I had as a kid simply disappeared.  I was in Mason City going to the Junior College, and when I got home, my bedroom was now the guest room.  Kind of an abrupt reality check.

Now one thing that I still have from that time, is our soldering gun.  As a kid, my folks were in the wholesale electronics business.  So my idle time was spent in the basement building Heathkits and soldering lots of electronic stuff together.

My father had saved that old Weller gun for years, as he didn't like the newer designs from the 60s and beyond.  It is still in the basement here in Kansas City.  And it still works just as well as it did when I was a kid.  I guess that explains why I go buy pieces and build a computer to this day.

Old habits die really hard!

Retired Rod

PS: in honor of Rick's blog today, I changed the header picture using the Collage function in Picasa.  But the thing of note, is that it was done in Linux Picasa, and uploaded with Linux Chrome.  No Microsoft Windows involved at all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kicked back in KC

I never left the house, and mostly sat and watched the NFL football games, that I profess that I don't like.  Even falling asleep during the last part of the neck and neck Minnesota and Dallas game.  I awoke to sports center, where I finally learned that Farve pulled it out at the end.

Tonight I became interested in the computer again, until I ended up watching Man VS Food for a while.  What a waste of time, but hey I'm healing up now.

So I have absolutely nothing to report in our lives here in Overland Park.  Oh, I must explain, that my son Chris and his wife had a bunch of problems with mice in their stored travel trailer last winter, and that probably caused my dream about mice in the motorhome. 

The little rascals die where you can't get at them, and smell forever, so I'm not being weird or anal or anything, I just hope not to go thru any of those problems.

Retired Rod

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Margie and Bruce

I read about the passing of Margie and Bruce from a senseless accident in Pismo Beach.  But somehow I had missed their blog as it wasn't on my reader list.  I'm not sure how that happened, since almost all of the folks that I do follow seem to know this couple.

Of course this is the most tragic of an accident, that was reported to be intentional on the part of the young driver that was culpable.  I can't begin to understand what would go thru a human's mind to cause such a trauma!

Interested, if I had had any contact with Margie, the blogger of the family, I began to look back in my comments to see if she had left any thoughts.  And low and behold, on the day that I awoke after the surgery, one of the well wishers was Margie!  She evidentially read my blog at times!  And I see she had recently become a follower in my list.

This is almost spooky, as she is wishing me to speedy recovery, not knowing what her future would bring.  I am at a loss for words.

We can only hope that the family will recover from such a tragedy and send our best wishes to the survivors.   May God be with them!

So we need to lead our lives as though tomorrow will be our last day on earth, as difficult as that may be.  Because it may just be.

Retired Rod

Football Saturday

I have watched so many football games, my mind is mush!  But I must celebrate that Iowa rather soundly beat Michigan.  Everyone likes to beat Michigan, and they aren't as good this year as they have been in the past, but no one told them that.

They mounted a comeback that rivaled any number one team over the years.  But Iowa held them off.  I am a proud Hawkeye tonight!

But I am also just as proud of the Wisconsin Badgers for getting on top of number one Ohio State!  They took it to them hard in the opening quarter, and Ohio never could mount enough of a comeback to get back on top.  Only problem, is that Iowa has to play Wisconsin, so perhaps that will not be so good for the future.  I have always enjoyed the big ten and its teams.  Our teams seem quite balanced  in most years.  You just never know how the games will turn out.  And that is what makes it so exciting.

In the RV world, I had a dream last night that the motorhome was infested with mice!  I had visions of them crawling up into the storage lockers and then into the slide mechanisms.  You can see into the storage bins when the slides are in.  That even haunted me once I was awake, so I went over to Tractor Supply Co, and purchased some mouse traps.

Once at the storage place, I loaded the traps with peanut butter from a jar grabbed from home.  I set them along the floor walls.  I could see no evidence of mice, like chewed stuff and droppings but perhaps its not quite cold enough for them to start looking for places to hibernate.

The storage lot is an all black top parking lot, for almost a block in every direction, so perhaps that will help keep them at bay.  Surely my dream was an over rev, but I couldn't ignore it.

While at TSC, I bought a pair of coveralls.  Not the insulated kind, just the twill kind.  I hope to use them here around the house, in place of my pants.  They have no waist or belt, and that is welcome about now, as I still can feel every stitch.    Getting your front sliced open is no fun for a while!

I am patiently waiting for my insides to heal some, so I won't be so full of gas, as bloating has been a big problem with this recovery.  Again, it all takes time!

Retired Rod

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Healing up some more.

Another day has passed, and I didn't do a thing except sit here and hope that I am healing up a little bit more.

I went over to Wal Mart to find some over the counter Mylanta, and a few pills mid afternoon, and wasn't particularly pained in the process.  Still I wouldn't want to head out on a long excursion quite yet, but every day I seem closer.

My second son came over this morning and mowed the lawn, with his mother's help on the trim mower, but that was our excitement for the day.

Tomorrow is Football Saturday, so that will keep my mind occupied and help pass the time.

Today is the birthday of LeRoy Bauman our departed father on Loyce's side of the family.  Passing his birthday with him gone is really quite depressing. We always seemed to celebrate this as a holiday, or we went to the Football game in Iowa City, or something special.  So a tribute is in order in his memory!

Retired Rod

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lawnmower Parts!

Not much here, but I did get an e mail from the Wolfgang Puck Appliance folks that they had shipped the correct sides to the new grill.  Perhaps they did put a rush on my order, and they will be here soon.

We did some really thin steaks on the grill tonight, and it was really fast.  I think I will like this product!  That is once I can get back to eating normally after this surgery.   That might take a long while!

Today I drove about 12 miles North thru the city streets to reach a hardware store that I have used to repair my old Lawnboy mower.  They had the parts that I needed and more importantly, the guy just walked over to the shelf and handed them to me without spending hours looking in books.

It was only a small rubber primer bulb, that evidentially wears out on a routine basis.  But it really makes the lawn mower hard to start when the primer can't be used to give it an extra shot of gas.

By the time I was back home, I was ready to be done with riding in the car.  But that is the farthest I have gone since surgery which was two weeks ago today!  While I would like to be out riding the motorscooter and mowing the yard, that is just not in the cards yet!

I did install the little primer after supper tonight, as it wasn't too much of a task.  And the hardware guy even explained how to do it.  His bill was $3.26 for the part and tax.  I felt guilty, but then that was all he asked for.  He will get more of my business even though he is too far away to run for a bolt or two.

So just the same old sitting around, until my bum is numb!

Retired Rod

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wolfgang Puck Griddle Grill

Since I am not sleeping much until the wee hours of the morning, when the sleeping pills/pain pills take over, I watch mindless TV.

You know the on going infomercials. And on HSN (Home Shopping Network) I saw a griddle grill that looked kind of nice.  Of course it was a Wolfgang Puck product, and Wolfgang himself was happily cooking away on the appliance making everything from soup to nuts.

So in a fit of,,, oh my wouldn't that be neat to have, I got on the internet and ordered it.  You know, in the shopping cart, select paypal, and type in your password, and whammo its yours.

Well today was the day that it arrived, and I brought it in, all packaged in numerous cardboard boxes neatly jambed into an overall outer box.  One end was crushed in quite severely, thanks to the nice UPS folks.

But as I opened it up, the product didn't seem to be hurt inside.  There wasn't much to it, a base and a drip pan, and the grill part that is reversible with the griddle on one side and the grill on the other.  A cord goes in one end with the dial temperature gauge, and a splatter fence, or shield, I think they call it.

Now I have been accused of having two left feet at times, but try as I might, the shield would not go together correctly.   Comparing the pieces to the pictures, quickly allowed the explanation that I had two right sides and no left side.

Calling HSN  afforded the explanation that they just drop ship the stuff, and that my problem was with WP Appliances. Essentially I was told, "don't send it back here." So after another call to the WP folks, they apologized and offered to send the corrected pieces in 10 to 14 days.

"Anything else we can do for you?"   Well, ya, I kind of wanted to use it today, not two weeks from now.  "OK sir, I'll put rush on the order," and with that they were gone.

I used the grill side of the cooker to do a couple of hamburgers tonight, and it worked quite quickly, and the entire cook plate went right in the sink of soapy water and cleaned easily.  So in concept, I think it is a good deal, now if I was just more patient about things not being right.

But then I did use the 4 value pay option, so they are waiting for me to pay for it too!!!

Retired Rod

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another recovery day!

I'm not sure how many of these hanging around the house posts I can do and make them anywhere near interesting, because I am bored out of my mind!

I got beyond bored long about 6 PM and went over to Wendy's for my little burger and fries.  With a drink it is 2.99.  It even has lettuce and a tomato on it!  And it didn't upset me as much as the other day, so I am getting better.

From there, I went to the Wal Mart that is 6 miles away, not the near by one here at our house.  They have the exact same merchandise, but at least I got out farther away from the house.

I walked the full length of the merchandise end of the store back into the auto section, purchasing another of the little battery tender trickle chargers.  I came home and put it on the BMW since it gets driven very little.

I still do feel the bouncing around on my insides, and it becomes uncomfortable after about 20 minutes, so I am at my limit for now at 8 or 10 miles to a store.  I am trying to be good and not extend myself beyond what I can reasonably stand, but I have to be ready to go back into the surgeon's office next week, so I can't just lay around the house.  He will not understand if I am not progressing normally, so a balance is somewhere in the middle, and I think I am achieving that.

But just the same my behind is going numb driving this recliner all day long!!!

Retired Rod

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Suspenders!  Yea my grandpa used to wear em!  And he was really old.  Well at least he seemed really old because I was only 11 when he passed on.  That was back in 1958.  This was my maternal grandfather, not the fellow that dug the old well shaft with the shovel, as he was my paternal grandfather.  I never knew him, so I can't vouch for suspenders with grandpa Jim.

Well now, you are really confused.  But most folks don't wear suspenders now days, but,,,,,If you have just had your belly cut down the middle, belts are out of the question big time!  I have been wearing sweat pants since I came home, and even then the draw string causes pain.

So today, I decided that I needed some suspenders like my grandfather Henry!  But where do you buy such things? Wal Mart doesn't carry such items, and neither does Target.  So thinking about it, I decided that an old time store like Sears would have them.

So about noon, I headed out on the 10 mile trip over to our local Sears.  This is the longest trip I have gone on since coming home, but again I was determined to get it done.  I will have been home for a week tomorrow, so it is time to go farther.

I'm still quite tender in the front, but the shaking of the car over the ground is not bothering me as much as it did last Saturday, so I made it without incident.  Sears is almost a dead store here in Overland Park, Kansas, and I am amazed that there were so few employees in this really big store.

And yes they had a whole wall of suspenders made by several manufactures. I was amazed!  I purchased a simple all black elastic model, and carried it to the lone check out counter in the entire store.  It took me about a half an hour to wait in line to charge a thirteen dollar item.  Sears is more than likely a dead retailer.

I was really needing to get back to the car, once I had my purchase, but the suspenders are just the ticket as it will allow me to wear my normal pants without a belt.  I'm just not a sweat pants kind of a guy, so I am closer to getting back into the groove here.

I just can't sit around here in the house!

Earlier, I wrote a little explanation of Why I go to Wendy's so much, and seemed to start a rather large discussion on the merits of fast food.  So if you haven't read the previous posts and their comments, drop back and enjoy the discussion.  Or if you are even somewhat ornery!!!! Add to the opinions and attitudes.

Retired Rod

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fast Food

As Gypsy points out eating at fast food hamburger stands is not in your best interest!  But my choice of Wendy's is a conscious choice!  Wendy fries their french fries in oil that has zero grams of trans fat, and a small fry only has 2.5 grams of saturated fat.  This is quite low in the fast food business.

The small double stack hamburger has only 340 calories and no trans fat either.  But being hamburger, does have 8 grams of saturated fat.  This is not good for you, but life is not always perfect.

Wendy's does not use pure beef, a fact that they are quite quiet about.  They pad the meat with soy flour, and if you are allergic to soy products they would not be a good choice for you.  But, the soy is actually better for you from a fat standpoint.

I have been lucky in my life, that my body has always had good cholesterol readings.  So I'm in the low 100s most of the time.

As a diabetic, I am plagued with blood tests every three months, and scolded for too much of anything,  however since my cholesterol comes in good, I get away with too much Wendy's.  Now watch, I'll have a heart attack next week!!!

I can't drink because of the diabetes drugs, and can't smoke or have anything with sugar.  No ice cream no cookies no cake no sugar pop, the list is endless on sugar.  Like no apple sauce and on and on.

Start adding up how much sugar you intake in a day and you will be amazed.  Its a wonder that we all aren't diabetic.

So life has to have some quality to it, and for me its a small hamburger!

Oh, I forgot to mention that for some reason, I am allergic to all chicken products.  That reduces my options dramatically. 

Football Daze

Another long day of watching TV and mindless football games.  I don't care much for NFL games, as they don't seem to make much difference to me.

Perhaps I don't see the competitive spirit between cities.  I don't align myself with KC, and feel thats any better than Chicago, since I have lived there too.  So I miss the point.  They are both big dirty cities in my book, that I would just as soon not be part of.

So after thinking about how all my Canadian friends are up there eating all the turkeys we grow down here in the states, and up to their eyes in mashed potatoes, I got really hungry........... for Wendy's!!

So I ducked out and drove over to Wendy's thru the residential streets.  About a mile or so.  Ordered a 99 cent double stacker with no onions, and that was my feast!!  Savored the little burger, every bite.

Its still a bit rich for my tender insides, so it wasn't with me long, but at least the ice is broken!  Tonight I had the much more mundane cold meat sandwich on toast, with pudding for desert, but for a little while all was right in the world again.  So I had my Canadian Thanksgiving celebration lunch!

Maybe by the US Thanksgiving in late November all of this will be past and things will have returned to more normal, what ever that is. 

We still plan to get on the road sometime after Black Friday.  Our reservation for the RV resort is for Dec 1.  I'm sure we don't have to be there exactly that day, but we are on the monthly rent, so our paid nights begin then.

I feel so mindless just sitting here reading and lounging, but the RN I live with is watching, so I have to be kind of good!!!  LOL

Retired Rod

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wal Mart on a lark!

I watched football games for most of the day, but couldn't stand it by mid afternoon.  Loyce was out washing the cars, on a burst of wild energy most of the afternoon, when I decided I needed to go to Wal Mart.

Our Wal Mart is only about one and a half miles away, and is reachable thru the neighborhood streets.  So I grabbed the Camry and left.  Of course Loyce doesn't approve, but who's asking?

Anyway I got over there and parked alright.  Once into the store, it seemed way bigger today than before, but I was determined, so I grabbed a cart to lean on as I pushed and away I went.  I did fairly well selecting all my groceries and stuff.

But the place was swamped with checkout customers.  I was way back in line, and about died while getting to the counter.  The old incision began to burn, and I wanted to get it over with.  But I stuck it out, and made it home with my stuff.

Tonight we went over to my son Chris' home for some supper, and the car ride was way more bumpy than I expected.  It shakes the insides and jars things a bunch, teaching me that I am not ready to make any long trips in the near future!

Oh well some more time driving the recliner!!!!!!  Never was good at staying in one place for very long..........

Retired Rod

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just sitting here

I must be getting better, because I am having trouble just sitting here being a good boy!  If I move too much, I am reminded quite quickly of the stitches in the front of me.  But sitting around has never been my style much either.

My son Chris came over this morning and ran both the push trim mower, and then Mr John Deere over the yard.  He had brought his mowers, but never got them out of his truck.  It only took about a half an hour, but during that time, I was outside walking around the house.  It was in the 80's here today, and so nice!

I'm not sure how many of those days we have left, so I will enjoy that while I can. 

For the first time, I have gone all day without a nap in the afternoon, and I am going along fairly strong yet this evening.  So I think I am improving.  And the trips to the little room behind the summer kitchen have slowed down too, and that has bolstered my attitude.

I haven't thought about any more stories from going out on my grandmother's acreage since last night, but I'm sure there are some more memories if I dwell on it for a while.

Perhaps tomorrow,  but then tomorrow is football Saturday, but the Iowa Hawkeyes have a bye week, so I can just watch the games without being so emotionally involved.  But will that happen?  Nah!  Not likely.....

Retired Rod

Friday, October 8, 2010

Replumbing and the old water system on the farm

For me, my insides didn't know that they needed replumbed.  Let alone shortened and replumbed.  They are objecting to the process mighty handily.  It took about 4 days for them to wake back up from the intrusion.

Once awake, the hospital staff must know what comes next, because they want you out of there almost at once.  So the last two days have been spent running to and from the little room behind the big house.

And now I must remember how we had the little building back behind the garage at my grandmother's farm.  She didn't have inside plumbing at all.  We packed the water in with white porcelain buckets.  She had a water table in the summer kitchen that about 5 of these buckets with lids sat upon.  There was always the ladle with its long handle hanging on the side of one of the buckets.  She'd scream at us "do not drink out of the ladle!!!!!"

Mid day, it was always my job to dump the remaining water into the last bucket and head out to the long handle pump to fill the others.  Being careful not to spill too much on the way back into the house.  She would complain if the water wasn't there before supper, because she needed to get the big kettle on the fire before we ate.  We usually filled up the kettle when we were packing the water and started it up about 4:30.  It probably held two gallons.

In the mid 1950s we put in an underground pump system in the old well cavity.  It was about 4 foot across at the bottom and ten feet deep.  It had been bricked up by my departed grandfather, that died 8 years before I was born.  He actually dug that old well with a shovel in the year of 1918.  He was about 40 years old then.

The well casing went down about 70 feet from the bottom of the cavity, and was made of a tile.  I have no idea how they used to put that tile down the hole.  The water was plentiful, but had a heavy iron content that stained all our dishes and especially the tea kettles.  Tasted like the devil too, but we were used to it and didn't know any better.

Maybe that's why I need replumbed inside today!  Bet the surgeon isn't buying it!

Retired Rod

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home is a struggle!

Just little things like the bed is flat!  And there is no handle on the wall in the bathroom.  Things you don't need normally! 

The pain pills make you sick and so forth, but I said I wasn't going to make this blog general hospital, so I am hanging in here, and bound determined to make it on thru the tough parts.

So there is nothing happening to be bloggable, but each day will bring positive improvement, and perhaps better blogs!

Retired Rod

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Home

That seems like an all day project!  And its only noon!

So I'm sure sleep will take over here immediately.  Boy does my own recliner seem like heaven.  And the 42 inch  TV hooked up to all the cable channels.  The hospital had about 10 channels.

ESPN was one of them so I got to see Iowa beat Penn State Saturday night.  Joe Paterno seemed so distraught, as the Iowa fans cheered "we own"  on one side of the stadium "Penn State"  from the other side of the stadium.  Sports fans can be such butt holes at times. 

I'm signing off for now.

Retired Rod

My blogging skills

I have a sore lap from all incisions that they make with this procedure, so the lap top is ok to read, but typing on it is a bear. Its on the tray table and I can't see the key names.  I type by touch but that requires you to be on the home row.

So since leaning up to type hurts, I can't get too wordy.  I think I can get out of her tomorrow or the next day  if I tell the right stories.  So lets hope for that.

I'm mostly caught up on you folks as well, so have a good day!

Retired Rod

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Loyce finally let me have my computer back tonight!  I have three or more days to catch up on, so a blog reading marathon has commenced!

That will take a while, so I may just dispense with comments until I get current!

Retired Rod

Waking and the walls are still brick

I woke up after a long night of vital signs and blood sugar tests! And yes I'm still in the hospital.
The Doctor told us last night that we come to the Hospital for treatment, and not to rest. So I am getting the treatment. Now if my tummy will just heal some, perhaps I can get to the rest part. LOL
Retired Rod
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm here

Recovering in the hospital. Its painful but I'm sure I'll make it ok. Thank you all for the best wishes. Rod
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Riding Scooters!

Pidge says I sound sad that I had to put the scooter in the trailer, and it was kind of sad because it was about 85 degrees out and perfect weather to do something with it other than store it!

But last year I parked the scooter in the garage on the night of September 30, and never got to ride it again until I was in Arizona.  The weather changed, and the rain came.  It got a bunch colder and scooter time was over.  So we're not all that far off schedule.  Usually you park it one night, without knowing it will be the last ride of the season.  Then you figure out later that it was all over for the year.

I started with these scooters back when my sons were in junior high school.  We had two Hondas that were moped legal.  We all rode them back then, even Loyce!  All you needed was an ordinary drivers license.  That was about 27 years ago.

My father was alive back then and he got into the act as well purchasing a Honda too.  But he didn't like the little 50 cc models claiming that they didn't keep up with traffic very well.  So he traded his little scoot for a 250 cc Helix big scoot.

Now that kept up a lot better, as it would go about 70 mph.  He rode that bike for 6 or 7 years.  Long after we had sold the mopeds and our sons went off to college, he still buzzed around town on the Helix. 

Dad passed on in 1994, and left the Helix in the corner of the garage.  It seemed forlorn all by itself, and I got to taking it out around the neighborhood.  Warm up the engine and charge the battery.  My mom had to go to the nursing home after dad was gone and I would go look after the house, and ride the bike in the process.

We never had enough room to store the Helix back at our home, but it gave me an excuse to go check out the now empty place.  This went on for several years.

Mom never did improve enough to go back home, so the house was sold, and I had to ride the Helix over to the local Honda dealer.  And just like that, I was out of the bike business.  Somehow, I always felt really close to dad as I rode his bike, and I'm sure it helped with my grief process.

Now we fast forward a lot of years, and I am retired with a travel trailer in Texas and then in Arizona the next year and I see all kinds of guys riding these bikes in the winter RV resorts.  And the spark was off and burning again!

Last year with the motor home, I was able to take the red 200 cc Kymco along for the first winter.  I needed to get my cycle license back again, so that's why I had a 200.  Riding skills came back quickly, but I would not have been prepared to start out with the maxie scooter.

In a way, I still feel connected to dad as I ride along on this new 650 cc monster as compared to his little 250.  He is there in spirit, telling me to keep up with the traffic so as not to cause an accident.  And he always wore a helmet!!  Always!!

So if I seemed a little sad yesterday, it is because I remember dad parking his scoot when he went in for his chemo treatment the second time.  Life moves on in interesting ways.

I'll see you all on the other side of the mountain!

Retired Rod