Monday, March 4, 2013

Leaving San Diego

I'm sitting here rereading the post from yesterday and remembering my time aboard the Midway....  You never really leave the Navy.....  You may get out of active duty.... but you are always a sailor...  And in my case a SeaBee construction sailor..

I stood there watching folks scurrying all around the various spaces that were open for the tour..... wondering if they appreciated all of the history that this particular ship was present during....   It was built for the invasion of Japan, and many of the visitors today are Japanese..  Would their parents and grand parents have been killed had that invasion been necessary??  I probably shouldn't think like that, but my father was in the Pacific theater aboard ship in WWII so I can't help it...

Back to today's events....  We left San Diego...  Packed it all up and drove out of town...  But not without incident...  As I was bringing up the Jacks, one of them didn't latch correctly...  It just went on running...  I went out and looked and it was completely up...  So I turned it off manually...

And of course when I shifted into gear, all the alarms and bells went off on the dash that the jacks weren't up...  No amount of pushing button corrected this error...  As I have done before when encountering jack issues, I had to take the controller board out of the dash and disconnect its wires..

We drove back over here to Yuma without any problems, but I was scared to put down the jacks here because we may not get them back up...  Our jacks are electric, and directly geared to the worm screws in the legs...  The fact that the motor just runs on means that the gearing is broken or a shear key is severed..

We landed at the Sun Vista RV Resort out by the Wal Mart...  This is a full service park with lots of Park Models and paved roads...  It is a bunch nicer than where we stayed overnight on our way out...

You can always tell, when they issue a name tag to you, that they intend for you to stay a while and involve yourself in the activities..

We backed in and made ourselves as level as we could get without the jacks...  Hope the wind doesn't decide to blow.........  We'll only be here for a few days...

Retired Rod


  1. The wind blew last night here in Desert Hot Springs so I'm thinking you may have encountered a bit of a breeze down in Yuma. It's all quiet here this morning though with zero wind.

    Too bad about the jack, hope it turns out to be an easy and inexpensive fix.

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