Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Romeos and Losing the Bowl Game

I was up this morning at 7 AM and left the house before 9....   It was over to Al's house to collect him for another Romeo New Years morning luncheon....  We drove about 60 miles to Vasar, Kansas...

Notice I said DROVE..... as in inside the Jeep!!  It was about 18 degrees when we left his house and 23 when we arrived at the restaurant..  Some hearty fellows had ridden their Goldwings out there, but they all had electric heated riding gear...

But even with that kind of gear, its awfully cold inside that helmet...  No heat in there, other than your breath...  I didn't ask Al if he wanted to take the truck, I told him I was taking the truck and he could ride his bike in front of me if he wanted....  Or he could ride in the nice warm passenger seat beside me...  His choice...  He chose the seat inside...

We were back here in KC by 2 PM, when I dropped Al off back at his home...

For the rest of the day we spent it with both son's and the grand kids...  Watching the Hawkeyes struggle with LSU, and loosing our first string quarter back...  That cooked our goose for any chance at winning...

Now tonight, it has begun to snow, and I had to use 4 wheel drive to return back to the house...  They said we should have 4 to 6 inches before morning, but it is about 3 inches now and falling steadily.....

I hope tomorrow it will get this out of its system, but we will still be shoveling in the morning....

Retired Rod


  1. Smart man - taking the jeep. I don't care how much electric whatever they have, 18 degrees is way too cold for riding a motorcycle. And you like shoveling snow - why?

  2. The coldest I ever rode in was 17 degrees. We went from Dunkenville Texas to Denton Texas. By the time we got to the pancake house I had to have my boyfriend turn my bike off then zip my jeans up after I managed to get them unziped to use the restroom. This is when I first started riding in '82 and only had elk skin gloves. Not lined elk skin gloves just regular old gloves. Burrrrr, just thinking about how cold I was gives me the shivers. Now I'm waaaaaay to old to ride in that kind of weather even with heated gloves.

  3. Sometimes it's just too freakin' cold for two wheels. Then if you factor in driving into the wind? I can say I'd recommend it.

  4. When I first started riding years ago I would head out on early cold mornings to ride about 40 miles to work. Had a warm vehicle at the time but the novelty of riding my bike was too strong so took the bike. Did that for a few months until the novelty wore off & that was the end of cold riding days for me. If it isn't somewhere well over 70 I'm not riding no sireeeeeeee.

  5. Brr!!! that's all i can say about that. Riding in that sort of cold is just.... well...... insane! LOL

  6. Rod,
    Time to pack up and exit ..... You need to make your return trip !
    So glad you have the Jeep ... That is coming in handy !!!! Don't for get the Biscuit on your way out !!! Be safe !!!

  7. Ps .... Oh forgot, there were tons of the Hawkeye fans down here enjoying the Sun and the beach .... Just having lots of Fun !!!!


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