Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Wichita and various other tidbits..........

I'm sitting here wondering where the last couple of days has gone..........  But first I didn't make the Wichita thing very clear....  Shadowmoss asked why I would leave from there....

This would be a good question since it is 185 miles down to that airport....  That is almost three hours of driving....   And the answer is easy...  That is one of the small towns were Allegiant Air flies from...   Their fare is less than one third the cheapest price from KC International....  And it is 50 miles to the North to get to that airport..  At least Wichita is in the right direction...  So to save $200 I am flying from Wichita...

Also the long term parking is a bit cheaper and it is right on the highway where I will normally return....   The campground that I stayed at on the way home is only a couple of miles from the airport as well...

I was up early and went to the early church service here at the local neighborhood Presbyterian on Sunday...  They were worried about having too many cars for their parking lot, so I walked down there...  It isn't far to their driveway, but the church is out in a massive grassy field of about 40 acres, and I was a bit late to boot, so I had to pick up the pace..

I spent the rest of the afternoon with my sons and daughters in law and the 5 grands...  Chris had smoked a ham and I made the potatoes...   I used the Canadian recipe for Schwartzie's potatoes, rather than the Cheesy potatoes made by most of us US counterparts..  Must have been OK because there were very few left overs.... I like mushrooms..........

And then today I was out in the garage changing the oil on the Honda Goldwing motor cycle..  I didn't have any particular trouble, but it is harder for me to get up and down onto the concrete floor to work on stuff in my old age...   I always grumble about the metric hex allen screws on the Japanese bikes...   But then Harley uses allen screws too, only they are measured in inches...  No leaks!

And all of that is because tomorrow, we are going on a big ride with the Romeo's that is over 100 miles each way...  We will be stopping at two restaurants for both breakfast and lunch...  I'll have to write up a blog on that in the next couple of days...   So off to bed as I have to be up by 7 AM which is revolting in itself....

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, you are so busy ! Have a great ride tomorrow !!!

  2. Jim finds it harder and harder to crawl under things (like the Bungalow). Just can't bend like he used to. And I never could bend like that ever. Have fun on your ride tomorrow. Your butt is going to be tired.

  3. Definitely know what you mean about not being as flexible as we were in our earlier years.
    Enjoy your ride and have a Safe trip.

    It's about time.

  4. Gota love Schwartzie's potatoes! There's seldom left around here when Paulette makes them.

    Have fun on your Romeo ride - breakfast and lunch sounds like a good day to me.

  5. I know the feeling that crawling around on the concrete floor is hard on old knees. I guess if you want to get away from that danged metric system you will have to buy all your products from the old U.S.A., or of course Liberia, and Myanmar who are the only other two holdouts from that incredibly sensible system of weights and measures. But I guess all us old folks have two complete sets of tools anyway to manage the changeover.


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