Saturday, May 10, 2014

Camping? Emergencies..?

Just like Al up in Canada, my Freightliner shop along the interstate in Olathe, Ks is there for the truckers that break down on the road....  And they don't see us RVers as anything even worthy of requesting service...

The labor rate for trucks is $114.50 but if you have an RV.... suddenly it becomes $142.50 an hour....  Do you think they want to discourage us campers....??  At least that was what I was referred to...

So no my coach hadn't been worked upon even after being there a week and with the parts that came in in just a couple of days....  Not an emergency..

So I had to explain that it was mothers day and that we were going to the park, and I would be coming to get the rig  no matter what... Done or not....

See it was partly my fault, because I was nice, and said I didn't need the motorhome instantly the next day, and pitch a total *itch about it...  But those broken trucks... now they are real emergencies, you know...

So on Thursday I declared that I was now an Emergency....!  Still it was Friday noon...  And $1,250 later, for a $450 part from Freightliner, before I was out of there......

So I had to rush like crazy tossing stuff like food and toiletries and some of my clothes....  I am making a list right now to go into town and get the rest from Wal Mart...

We are in the State Park at Melvern Lake South of KC about 80 miles...  We had a campfire last night an I actually drank one beer....  Of course that is completely off the Doctor's list with my medications so I figured if I died in the middle of the night at least it wouldn't kill anyone else...

Its spring like out here in the state park with the trees leaving out and the wind off of the lake cool and fresh....  Its actually hot enough that I am running the AC....  Well sort of.. Only 1 AC..

I have 30 amps and water on a very un level camp site...  The front wheels are up on oodles of plastic ramps and even some wood planking..  And still the egg yoke ran all down to the corner of my plate with breakfast..

Retired Rod


  1. I think a lot of doctors tell all their patients to not drink alcohol or caffeine just for the heck of it. I wouldn't drink alcohol if I am taking something narcotic, but my regular meds? I have never worried about it. I'm going to my son's house for dinner this evening and am so excited that I will be drinking a couple of beers. I don't drink at home any more and only when I go out somewhere, so it is a real treat! It used to be sipping a drink helped with my cravings to smoke, but I think that's gone now.

    That is a real pain to have such troubles getting your MH worked on and paying such a premium.

  2. Wow that was an expensive fix and they put it on the back burner of jobs to be done. That is bad business practice.
    Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  3. Hate that when the egg yolks run down to the corner of my plate......

  4. Or the eggs all run down to one side of the pan.

  5. Rod,
    You are sooooooo funny !!! Hope you will have fun this weekend ...especially after spending an arm and a leg on your rig .... How's Biscuit doing? Glad there were no problems after the beer .... Heck a little celebration is HEALTHY !!!!!

  6. If you drink a few more beers, Rod, everything will 'level out' just fine.


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