Saturday, August 9, 2014

Leaving the Fair going campers behind...

I camped at the Acorn Valley COE campground for 6 nights and never moved the motorhome once to drain or take on water....  And I showered every day during that time....  Of course it is just me camping alone so I could scrimp on water usage...

I have many friends in the Des Moines area and I tried to attend a lunch or a supper with each of them, but time was limited...  Oh and it rainded quite hard on Wednesday and was only in the high 60s so with the A/C turned off, I got to try out that electric water heater.   And I was proud as punch when the water became so hot it almost burned me!

Finally I just left the heater on electric when it warmed back up outside enough to use the A/C again..   So I was running the one air unit and the electric fridge, electric water heater and the 12 volt converter running all the stuff like lights and the water pump...

I kept thinking the breaker in the park box would go, but it never did..

They had a lot of rain there on Wednesday and Thursday..  Some places with over three inches.. Put a rather large damper in the beginning activities of the fair.  I usually don't like the crowds associated with the fair experience, so while several folks suggested that I go, I managed to pass on the experience..

Loyce's younger sister Betsy came out for Friday evening and we made a nice campfire from some of her fireplace wood...  We did hot dogs and chatted it up for a couple of hours until the fire burned down....  That greatly improved the camp experience for Biscuit and I..

So on Saturday I packed it up and came on home...  Well after using the dump station..   My tank indicators aren't reliable so they still said the holding tanks were empty..  But The gray water ran and ran trying to empty itself..

Ben and Danielle and the kids came over and helped me unload all my stuff after their supper tonight...  That makes all the difference in the world..  They make 5 trips at once with that many people, so in no time flat we were headed back to storage with the rig... My neighbors will have nothing to complain about... I wonder what they will do....?

So now its dirty laundry time, so I will hang this up for now...

Retired Rod


  1. A campfire really does add to the enjoyment of camping. So you'll be ready to go to Q in January - right?

  2. Glad you had a good time, Rod .... Nice to see your friends and sister-in-law...

  3. It was great that you got to enjoy a campfire and hot dogs with Loyce's sister. And also wonderful that Ben and Danielle helped you unload the rig - I always hate that job as it seems impossible that we actually loaded up so much stuff.


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