Friday, December 12, 2014


We went on last week's ride this week....  And I guess it is just understood that if it is raining, the ride here in Arizona is off... because the roads are soooooo slippery when they are wet...  Say what?

I've never had anyone in the Midwest suggest that the roads are so slippery when they are wet that you should all stay home...  One guy even said he stays home in his car because its just too dangerous to go out on the roads when they are wet...   Our roads are wet in Kansas half of the time.... Just saying..

Well anyway, I found out that the Superior Loop is like I mapped out above...  We went on the   US 60 all the way to Globe..  This is a very scenic road with towering cliffs and rock spires..  It is striking if you haven't been on it before, but the bike guys are blind to its beauty and ride the curvy twisty road at break neck speeds... That equals fun...  The Goldwing folks aren't as guilty of this as the Harley group that overtook us, and seemed indignant and had to pass us at all costs...  They just don't understand that the 6 cylinder engine in those Hondas can pass them in a New York minute..

I was proud of our leader for maintaining 65 and letting them go on by...  We stopped for a few minutes for folks to use the facilities, and then pressed on leaving Globe travelling South on Az 77.  This is mountainous and even more curvy, but we came up on a school bus and poked along behind it..  They were teasing the leader about being so slow on the CB radios..

Eventually we arrived at Winkleman, Az where there is a truck stop with a Mexican ma and pa restaurant...  There were other bike groups there when we arrived and a ladies group that seemed alot like the red hat society, but I didn't see any hats....

So service was sooooooo slooooooow....  But they had lots of chips and the salsa was in squirt bottles like catsup dispensers....  And whooo boy, it was seasoned with Jalapeno peppers and some of the folks thought it was darned hot...  By the way, the ma and pa and their daughter who was the waitress were Hispanic...  Eventually I had a burito that was about as large as a small whale..

The ride back to Superior was on Az 177 and goes past one of the largest copper mines I have seen..  It might not be bigger than the ones in Globe, but it certainly isn't any smaller....  Again it was scenic as we went thru several valleys with more saguaro cactus than I have seen in one place as well.

They seemed to be in a big toot to get back to town, so they never slowed down anywhere all the way home...  These folks seem to be all about the miles traveled rather than the fellowship of the group...  But without them I would have been sitting at home on such a nice day....  163 Miles 10 AM  to 3 PM..

So I am not complaining just reporting the facts as I see them..

Retired Rod


  1. Maybe if the roads in that area don't often get wet from rain or snow, they are slippery for a while after getting wet - oil on the roadway, or something like that.

  2. Hey Rod..Have you talked to some of these folks and maybe find a couple..Or even one, who could enjoy a slower pace? There should be one or two there with your same thoughts...
    Just thinking..

  3. I agree with Upriverdavid. A slower pace, enjoy the scenery & enjoy the ride. Reminds of two groups I belonged to years ago. One was a Field Naturalist Club & our hikes were slow with lots of stops pointing out birds, trees, plants, etc. Second group was a hiking club where everybody just went at a quick pace from point A to point B. I did three hikes with the Club & that was the end of that. I was a member of the Naturalist Club for about 4 years & led some of the hikes. Found the stop, look, & listen club much more enjoyable.......

  4. The roads are wet and they stay home? Oy.

  5. I just think you are brave to be riding a motorcycle in all that traffic--even on dry pavement!!

    1. Janna, the traffic isn't all that bad once you are out East and away from Apache Junction.... Somewhat heavy thru Gold Canyon but from there on its doable.....

  6. Hi Rod. I'm wintering just south of you in Florence, AZ. I do lots of ATVing here and some of our leaders think the only way is speeding through the desert, almost non-stop. To get around that, so I can enjoy the views and pursue my photography, I started leading small groups so I can set the pace. Those who join me all seem pleased with the slower pace and the fact that I point out objects and scenes of beauty. I had the same experience in a hiking club in BC as Al mentioned so I joined a splinter group (who didn't just blast along a trail) where I was able to make time for my photography.


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