Sunday, January 18, 2015

What we do out here in the desert.....

Things were rather busy around here, and I am just sitting here thinking about all that happened while my friend Roger was here....  He arrived late Saturday night after driving all day thru New Mexico... We kind of chilled out that night but managed to go to Paradise Deli...  For a quick sandwich...  I guess they call it a bakery and cafe.....  Its a regional thing and we happen to have them here in Arizona...

Sunday we went to church and then I learned that Roger wanted to go riding on the Can Am....  He wasn't much interested in the Gold Wing last year, but perhaps the fact that the tricycle won't fall over......  Or he didn't have to rely on my balance skills.....  Or... Well anyway we went to Uncle Bears for the football games...  and a sandwich too....  It was almost dark when we got back..

Monday it was the Iowa Cafe on Higley and Brown...  This cafe is formatted like an Iowa small town restaurant...  Their menu is country breakfast, with all the omelets and sausage.... Bacon is offered on every meal.... LOL.    It was raining that day, so we stayed in town that day..

Tuesday it was still raining and we did the Ray Mine tour that I took pictures of on the previous blog..

Wednesday it was finally sunny, and we took the Can Am out to Tortilla Flat, North of Apache Junction...  We hung around in the outdoor bar listening to the cowboy band, and finally got a seat inside for a bowl of chili...  That place is rustic with saddles for bar stools, and dollar bills on the walls so thick that no  bare walls are visible....  We wound around on the Apache Trail in the sunshine... Stopping at the tourist reader boards... It was about 74 that afternoon...

Then on Thursday we joined the Goldwing Road Riders for their weekly big ride... It was supposed to be to Wickenburg, but like usual we didn't go directly there....

We ended up in Wickenburg after riding out the I 10 into a traffic slowdown.... While the Az Dot was sealing the road way with tar...  We got off and went to Salome thru the open range... Watching for cows on the road of course...

After all of that we ended up back in Wickenburg for the Country Kitchen giant hamburger....  The rest of the ride wasn't any shorter, as we went over to Carefree, Rio Verde and Fountain Hills....  Roger was feeling the distance as the sun began to sink as we passed Saguaro Lake...  Once home we learned that we had done over 300 miles...   I apologized for the distance, but Roger was still positive, but done with the motorcycle for the day... the GWRRA folks are brutal on the rides here in Arizona..

And not to be killed off for the day, we ended up in the Mexican restaurant Tia Rosa which blogger friend ShadowMoss had introduced me to a couple of weeks ago..  Their meals are scrumptious, and they didn't disappoint..

I think Roger was happy to only have to drive back to Iowa at his own pace in a nice car, as a breather after spending the week with me here in Mesa.....   :>)

Retired Rod


  1. That was a really long ride! Salome is certainly one of the high points of Arizona :-) I don't have very good memories of it as I came close to being killed by a creosote bush there, but I liked Wickenburg.

  2. Sounds like you two had a terrific week ..... You're a great host, Rod !!
    How's Biacuit ?

  3. What, & you didn't see the Bayfield Bunch card in amongst all those dollar bills at Tortilla Flats...:))

    1. Nope, but there is a lot of wall to look at.... Might have to know where to start looking first....LOL

  4. Roger did get a trike introduction didn't he!

    1. He hadn't been on a motorcycle in years, I was amazed he did so well..... But with that said, I don't think he will go out and buy on any time soon......


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