Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where the heck have I been...?

Its a sad thing to get out of the habit of writing a blog.....   You put it off at first, but then you are so far behind that you can't catch up...  So then your motivation goes South....  But perhaps I can catch things up all at once...

I'm still waiting for the drywall repair folks.....   It was all scheduled and they were to come this past week...  But at the last minute they called that their workers have some kind of a family emergency and wouldn't be arriving......  The workers are hispanic and do not speak the language well enough to have the contractor, which is my point man understand what went wrong...

All I know is that they didn't arrive....  But the new carpet people are supposed to be here tomorrow...  But only to do the measure.....  So we will have to slow that down some....  In the meantime all of the furniture from the living room and the dining room has been relocated to the family room...  I can barely make it to my recliner chair...  The tables are in the kitchen.... including the dining room table and the china dishes have been unloaded from the hutches....  We are a total mess........

I did find a replacement used piano as the old one was a total loss...  It arrived from Manhattan, Ks and is now in the way as well....  It is shoved up against the entry way wall...  There is not a thing I can do about any of this... So I have decided to remain happy...  But frustrated......

I have been going on a number of Motorcycle luncheons.....  Some of the destinations were Adrian, Mo and then Williamsburg, Kansas...  We managed to not get into the rain on those days, but it has rained here almost every day since the middle of last week....  Tuesday of the past week we rode up to Cameron, Mo which is about 100 miles North of me here in South KC...

On that day, I broke away from my friend Al as he was headed to Cabella's for camping gear and I ended up in Guitar Center looking for a Looper..  That is an electronic gizmo that records a few minutes of playing and then loops it back to you...  You can then play along with yourself on the next loop... This makes it sound like there are now two guitars...  Of course my skills are awful, but how will I ever learn if I don't have the gizmo..?

When I write up the motorcycle trips, not many folks seem as interested and my numbers of readers wanes...   So that kind of kills my motivation to blog about them....  So that's my story and I'm sticking to it..... LOL

Retired Rod


  1. We are going to Cameron in July for a blacksmith meeting! Small world. I am no good about blogging much anymore. Seems Face Book and Instagram is easier. Take care.

  2. My blogging has gone to pot also. I'm hoping when we start traveling I can at least blog about the places we see. We're going to take about a month to get north so hopefully by then the snow will be long gone. How is Biscuit handling all the disruption?

  3. I was wondering what --d happened to you---now I know -- and I always read about the motorcycle trips and the trips to the lake and the trips to AZ---even the trips to ---oh where was it you went last????? as far as blogging --once you get out of the habit its hard to get back into it

  4. I know what you mean about writing the blog I lost my mojo on mine. We have been at Smithville Lake since April 6 and plan to head to CO. June 1 for the summer then back to AJ for the winter.

  5. I think a lot of use old seasoned bloggers are complaining about the same thing. Maybe it's the time of year and folks are busy with other things. I like to read about your trips with the motorcycle group, although I don't always comment on every one. Hang in there -

  6. Guess I can't talk about blogging, it has been a while since I updated mine. The blog was a platform to share some pictures but I am finding that my camera's are being neglected also, and we are not doing a lot of exciting things so not much to talk about. But I was always interested in your motorcycle adventures, kind of a local tour of the week.

  7. You can count me in on being an absent blogger. I have not been reading blogs either! I guess you can call me a slug!

  8. In my case, it's not that I am not interested in your rides. I love reading about the towns and restaurants you go to. I just get super busy in the summer. I get behind but I catch up with you again. :-)


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