Saturday, June 20, 2015

News Flash !

Motor Cycle gains a Wheel !!

Does this make my butt look big?

Its a long story which started last fall when I bought and began to ride a Can Am front tricycle down in Arizona....  And then riding with the Goldwing Road Riders Association, where a lot of the members all have trikes...  And one thing leads to another..

Anyway, this is a Motor Trike conversion made in Troup, Texas...  I had it installed at Horizion Trike in Clarksville, Arkansas...     They are a major dealer, and did the install in about a day and a half....

Of course there was a weeks lead time as they are a car auto body place too and they had to paint the fiberglass body ahead of time...

We left on Tuesday with the Jeep and motorcycle trailer with the Goldwing inside...   But the trailer was too narrow for the big back end of the new bike...  My friend Al went along and drove the Jeep and trailer back home for me while I rode the Motorcycle...   We stayed two nights, and did some tourist stuff while they worked on the bike.....  It was all I could do to stay away from the shop and mother hen over them while they worked...

But we didn't come back until it was almost done, and by Thursday evening it was a done deal..  We rode it around at 5 PM and found it to be sound...  But it was also starting to rain as the outer bands of Tropical Depression Bill were enveloping Arkansas..

By morning, it was green and yellow on the weather map all around us and for many miles back up towards Kansas City....  Al was quite content to drive the Jeep.....!  So I dressed in a rain suit and hit the wet interstate...  By supper time, we were back here in Overland Park...  Once we were out of the worst of the rain, Al took over riding the bike and allowed me some rest and dry out time in the Jeep..

That was short lived, as the rain bands swarmed over the Kansas City area that night and we were drenched here too....  By then the bike was in the garage and we were back driving the Jeep...

I've been to a function with it today, Saturday, but most folks there didn't remember what I was riding last year, so it didn't stand out to them... But next week will be all the guys that I normally ride with... And I will take a lot of razzing for adding the "Grandpa Kit" to an otherwise nice motorcycle....

One fellow "Doug" who rides a Harley, asked me why I would ruin my bike that way.....  He thinks I am nuts...  But hey so many things to experience and so little time to get it done in!

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, I'm afraid I'm with you. I would want a trike if I were to ride a motorcycle!

  2. You'll be a lot more stable on your new Trike and won't have to worry about putting your foot down.
    The Million Dollar Question is will you keep both trikes or part ways with the one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I like it. How does it handle curves? What is the top speed you ride it? If I had seen one of these 25 years ago I might be riding one today!

  4. Just when I was wondering how you keep counter steer, kick stand, etc correct in your mind. This change amazes me. You sure have a sharp mind. Happy rides to you.

  5. The only way I would ever ride a motorcycle again! Congratulations and enjoy!

  6. I like your cute butt! Looks like a mini hot rod. Safe travels

  7. Nice bike & I like that bigger stable looking rear end on it. Mike McFall did the same thing to his Harley a few years back. After pushing my heavy bike around in our driveways pea gravel all these years I'd much sooner have a bike that can't fall over & has a reverse gear. I'm passed the 'cool' motorcycle thing & if it was in the financial cards for me to switch to a 3 wheeler I would do it in a minute. But alas, it is not likely to happen. Enjoy your new ride & I bet you could even sit back on that thing & enjoy a cup of coffee rolling down the road. Oh & how easy to go through a Wendy's drive-thru eh. I can just hear the Wendy girls now......"Hey here comes Rod with his new wheels & he's looking mighty hungry. Better get a double whammy Bacon & Cheeseburger on the grill, 1 large fries, 1 Chili Cheese Nacho Platter, 2 Grilled Chicken Wraps, 1 box of Chicken Nuggets, a large Chocolate Frosty, no make that 2 large double Chocolate Frosty's, and he's looking chilled so we'd better throw in a an extra Spicy Chicken Wrap to get that big guy all warmed

  8. Love it. I personally think this is the only way to ride. I like stability.

  9. What a great ride, Rod !!!! Enjoy every minute of it...... Looks super!!!!!


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