Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Eclipse

For those that missed it... Me included..

This was taken by the Mesa Arizona GWRRA chapter D photographer, Chet Shupe..  Chet uses a Pentax DSLR that is as big as a house to carry around..  And he takes pictures with it while he rides a Honda Valkyrie...  He just holds it up and fires over the windshield..  Then he edits the pictures to be square and moving the subject to the middle...

I assume this was edited with the same software, but I have no idea what he uses...

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks for the moon shots Rod. I missed it here in Kentucky due to the cloud cover.

  2. Hi, Rod. I am looking for you to show up in Mesa pretty soon, but maybe it is no cooler in KC than it is in Mesa. We sure are having it hot here in TX. Maybe the wind is going to come in and bring us winter before summer leaves? Anyway, wanted you to know you are being missed.


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