Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bike Night

Bike night is held every first Friday of the month in downtown Mesa, Az.  They block off the streets on Main for two blocks, allowing only motorcycles in a Sturgis like tour of Main Street.  Vendors are set up hawking many wares..

Live music is set up in the streets for roped in Beer Gardens.  You tube is short.... LOL

Well OK for the local guys...

Probably 5,000 bikes.  All of them moving or parked along the street..  Even more were in the lots behind the buildings, where I parked as well.  I did drive up and down the street for a couple of passes, but didn't find anyone from the Goldwing club.

My shaky arms can't hold anything still, so long exposure times ruin any pictures I try to take.

They installed light rail thru the center of Mesa that comes from Phoenix thru Tempe..  They try to rope off the crowd with all the cones along the road..  Crossing guards are at all the cross walks and in the center of every block.  The electric trains make very little noise..  Only a couple of blocks farther is the end of the track.

There were so many cool bikes on display, but for my friend and riding partner Al, I took a picture of a scooter like his that was parked along the parade route...

Retired Rod

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  1. Looks like a great time! Love the band on the video! Glad you went and checked it out! Thanks for taking pictures! Still having nice weather here in Iowa! No snow yet-not even a light frost!!!!


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