Sunday, January 3, 2016

Still running Windows 7

Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Has Serious Problems

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Just so you don't get caught off guard...

Retired Rod


  1. I am tired of giving Bill Gates money and will no longer do so. Instead I run Linux Mint 17. It is a free download as is Open Office and Thunderbird email. I don't really care for Thunderbird but one can also use Gmail or Yahoo mail.

    Please be careful on the road.

  2. The title of the article is intentionally misleading (I.e "click bait"). As the article later says "Windows 7 is no less secure than Windows 10 (it will be supported until 2020) and no less compatible with new hardware and software. In fact its far greater market share means it is developers’ priority and has greater compatibility with legacy programmes and peripherals." Personally, I use a Mac but I also do tech support for both Win 7 and 10. Until Win 7 is no longer supported by MS, it is just as "safe" as Win 10. Happy trails!

  3. Good article! Still running Windows 7 on both our laptops and will continue to until we need to purchase a new one.

  4. Oh! My! I must really be behind the times.... I just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  5. I do hope people are reading the entire article. I plan to keep Windows 7 as long as possible. It works. I'm happy with it and I don't like being threatened by Microsoft! End of story.

  6. I have come close several times lately to downloading Windows 10. Now I think I will just do as I had planned and keep Windows 7. Thanks, Rod! Take care of you in this new year. No more falls, please!


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