Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cheese Soup

I find that the first thing necessary to make good cheese soup is to make chicken soup. Without the chicken base, the cheese is way too bland all by itself. So I have devised a good way to toss together a quick cheese soup. At least I like this method.

I use a can of creamed chicken, and one of cream of celery. To this I add a can of chicken broth, and refill one of the empty cans of soup with milk. This makes a base cream of chicken soup. I generally use reduced salt soups because the DW does not like too much salt.

As this came to temperature, I added an 8 oz block of cheddar jack cheese, grated. A can of sliced cooked potatoes will add some texture and body. Then add seasonings to your taste. I like garlic and basil. Some parsley is also nice. Along with the potatoes, I some times add some cheese curds, or chop up some common string cheese sticks. These do not melt, but become soft and gooey and add an interesting cheesy touch.

This is not a soup to try to loose weight with, of course. But it is hot and good on a cold day like we had today. It was up to the early 50's but never seemed warm as it was overcast and on the verge of rain all day.

We had several Robins in the back yard this afternoon. They arrived here the first part of the week. Loyce spotted them and was excited they had arrived. But this afternoon they were all puffed up in their red breast. I'm sure they were wondering just why they were this far North in March.

I was hoping that the weather man could forecast some sun for this week, but so far it is gloomy for the next three days.

I will be going to the annual Spaghetti feed and auction held in the Des Moines area by the local ham radio club on Tuesday. It will be a 4 hour drive to get there and a single overnight motel stay. I am looking forward to seeing all the guys from Iowa. I haven't been there since the Christmas visit to the wife's side of the family.

Loyce had talked some of going with me, but now has a quilt that she is working on. She feels that it is much too important to take time away from the project. She is cutting the fabric on the cutting table and does not think she could take the supplies with her.

So other than these things, the heat continues to run and run and run. We will wake up one of these days and find that the system has changed over to air conditioning, without the slightest pause.

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