Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day!

I caught a massive cold and sinus infection on my Friday motorcycle ride all over Western Missouri... It wasn't cold that day at all, and in the afternoon it was in the mid 70s, so the temperatures didn't do it...

But somewhere I got into the bad germs...

So with my head stopped up and my eyes burning, I tackled the first shot thru my income taxes....  That turned out to be more of a job of settling Loyce's estate that income taxes...

So with call after call to the insurance companies, and learning that one of them had a 1099 all messed up, I couldn't do a final tax return anyway....

Yesterday I gave up and filed extensions........  You can't really file a Kansas extension...  You just send them a copy of your Federal extension...  But if you end up owing money, its penalty and interest...  That's a catch 22 if I ever saw one...

So it behooves you to have your return as complete as you can possibly make it and calculate the Kansas tax..  Then even send in some extra just for good measure...

But I did learn that our Kansas Governor Sam Brownback had strongly supported a measure that passed last summer reducing the Kansas Income Tax rate to 4.9%  It had been 6.45% which is considerably higher...

He also thinks that Kansas should reduce its rate to Zero....  Which would put us in the economic running for RVer friendly states like Florida and South Dakota..  Oh and lets not forget Texas..  Our motorhome licenses here in Kansas are calculated on gross vehicle weight and not purchase price or value...    I think my 08 MH was under $300 last year...  That kills the property tax on a big value concept that many states charge.

I was actually pondering whether to move my home state to Arizona because their Income Tax rate is somewhere around 4.5%..  But licenses for the MH would kill that savings in a heartbeat....

Arizona also had higher insurance charges for motor vehicles as well..  Licensing the Jeep and the Goldwing back in Kansas would save money as well...  But again, where will these vehicles spend most of their time?   I have always licensed them where they were purchased and not worried about it...  But, some day that will more than likely get me..

We had snow over the weekend, so I wasn't missing anything staying inside with my cold.....   I should have stayed in Arizona.....  For sure!

Retired Rod


  1. Welcome to the Spring Cold Club. It seems everybody in real life and blog land has caught a bad cold lately. I think I am on the mend now and my nose is happy to not be rubbed by a tissue anymore. Hope you get well soon also. We filed our taxes today and glad it is done.

  2. Yep, you should've stayed in AZ. :)

  3. Having a sinus infection sucks. This I know. Haven't had one in years (knock on wood) but I thinks mostly because I'm no longer working in a germ/dust infected school.
    Good luck with the taxes. *shudder*

  4. I tried to tell you. I'm a firm believer in extensions. Sure sorry to hear you're not feeling good. You and Al.

  5. A old timey treatment for a cold. Put Vick's on the sole's of your feet then put cotton socks on right before you go to bed.
    Even some doctors will admit that it helps a lot.

  6. I still have 2 more weeks to file our Income Tax returns so I'll probably wait until the last possible moment as usual. Hope your cold eases up soon.


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