Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ruby's Landing, Atchison, Ks

Its 65 miles up to Atchison..  We went up on the Missouri side of the river and came home on the Kansas side...

Ruby's was a Bar Be Cue place along the river in Achison about a mile North of the river bridge.. They are building a new span just South of the older bridge in the pictures...

The river serenely passes by.......  You could sit here all day....


But hey, there's Pulled Pork sandwich inside on a hoagie roll and Sweet Potato fries.......


Again these pictures are courtesy of my friend Roger Shores and the Romeo Web site for today..

Retired Rod


  1. I am so hungry for pulled pork! It seems like a lot of folks have mentioned it lately. I agree about sitting all day watching the river go by. That is a pretty picture.

  2. Looks like a nice drive and a great place for lunch.

  3. Pretty River picture. Glad you are enjoying your BIKE.

    I know how you like your sweet potato fries lol

  4. You were easy to spot in your bright green shirt and suspenders, Rob. I wish the photographer had zoomed in our your plate though so I could make sure you got a good serving of those sweet potato fries. I'm sure you did though. Nice shot of the river flowing by.


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