Saturday, June 1, 2013

Singing in the .......... or should that be mowing in the rain?

What did it do in the middle of the night again last night??  Well of course, it rained and hailed...  We are flooded...  Both of our phones went off mid morning warning of flash flooding for our area...  But we sit fairly high here in suburbia...

Loyce went and got the grand kids about noon, which kind of brings our day to a halt as far as any productive work is concerned...  We had our younger son's three for most of the afternoon...  The girls went down for a nap but Caden is too old for that sort of thing...  So he went with me to determine why I didn't have the prescriptions filled yet....

Once there, we were told the Doctor hadn't called back...  Well did you call them again?  No, once is all we do....!  So its Friday and I go without my prescriptions all weekend ???  Not our fault......!  At this point I about lost it!!!!!!

Well see if you can call them AGAIN....... WHY DON'T YA?????......  I swear, Target isn't a bit better than Wal Mart..  They both have that give a shat attitude......  So with me stomping holes in the floor right out front of their counter, they managed to get thru...  I know I am a horses back side.... but one of these scripts, I really can't go without......  Plus you should take your blood pressure meds too.....

Back here at the house the girls were awake, and we played some more before returning to their daddy's for supper..   And then since it had been rain free for about 6 hours,  I came back and started the mower...

Of course the tall grass, all balled up under the mower deck, stained the concrete and made a total mess...  But hey!  Its gonna rain again tonight!! And tomorrow too.....  Maybe I can just sit here and take lots of medications for my bad temper and watch it flood......

Summer in the Midwest!!!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Let me know the name of the Rx for bad temper as I need it once in a while, almost always when dealing with anyone in the medical profession. I use Costco pharmacy and like it ok. The problem with CA is that they never carry much stock, so you always are told to come back tomorrow or the next day. I hope you aren't in the way of any tornados.

  2. They're not perfect either, but we've had better luck with Walgreens than any of the other pharmacies. We've also been able to find one pretty much everywhere that we've traveled in the lower 48.

    For the most part, most businesses don't care at all about their customers as long as you spend money there.


  3. I have squawked, finagled, and begged my way into having about a 45 day supply of meds stashed away unknown to the insurance company so I don't have those kind of issues. You know when you stop taking the ticker meds, the ticker stops, so we try to avoid that. And I guess the bad temper meds are not approved by the Canadian authorities as my doc won't prescribe them for me.

  4. Some people deserve to have a bad temper thrown at them--don't feel bad! It's ridiculous what we have to go through to get meds!

  5. I agree with Myrddin - we have pretty much switched to Walgreens because we have had much better luck with them. Fighting for your meds is not fun and definitely not good for the blood pressure. Stay safe. Lots of bad storms out there.

  6. Well, Rod, I'm very glad to see your main issue this morning is meds and not tornadoes. Watching CNN last night and seeing the nasty weather maps over the Kansas area, I was quite concerned about you guys. Glad to hear your o.k. and still kicking and fighting with the pharmacies!

  7. Walgreens work best for RX almost anywhere. Easy to change pickup locations too. per Rolling Earthquake.

  8. Send the rain to the Desert Southwest - it's so DRY here! :-(


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