Friday, May 31, 2013

Rain every day..

This summer is starting to remind me of the floods of 1993 in Des Moines, Iowa....  It rained and rained that spring, until the rivers covered the city... They flooded out the main water works plant and we went for several weeks with no water in the cities pipes....

In that same keeping, we have had rain after rain here in KC...  It rained on Tuesday when we went for the lunch ride on the bikes...  And then yesterday it rained in the morning before I rose for my doctor's appointment...  Had to be there at 8 AM........ Ugh...

It was just like a day of work...  Leave the house at 7:15 and commute into the downtown area where the hospital is located...  I barely made it as the traffic came to a complete stop several times......  And then they do all these tests like your blood pressure......  Its awfully high Mr Ivers........  Well, how about that harrowing drive into town a few minutes ago???

So after several attempts at getting my prescriptions entered into the computer system, and getting all the up coming tests and things scheduled...  you'd think I was going to die...  And of course they want an MRI of my shoulder...  Which they scheduled right during the Tuesday motorcycle ride next week........   Drat!

But the ride is  to a Mexican food place in Holt, Missouri, and I can't eat Mexican very well anyway...... I'll have to go on my own ride, assuming it stops raining long enough...

Now today, (Thursday) it was time to go over to Target where the prescriptions are being filled...  One of the places that the AARP part D is accepted...  And as I surmised, the Doctor didn't get things written correctly and they can't fill the orders......

On one he wrote the wrong daily dosage, and they won't fill it....  And on another it is for Neuropathy from having diabetes, and the drug is controlled....  So they won't fill that one over the e script system...  Has to be in written form....  Signature on file kind of a thing.......  They had called the doctor's office but hadn't heard anything back.

I didn't come home with a single pill................

And all this while its still raining outside....  Our grass is about knee high, but its too wet to mow..

And yes it is to rain again tonight and then tomorrow as well....  Maybe I can purchase a bailer for my garden tractor.   Its a John Deere...... but,

 This might be a bit bigger than my garden tractor, LOL!

Other than those things, everything is about normal here in KC.......

Retired Rod


  1. Wonder what the doctor had on his mind. The nurses need to keep an eye on him.

  2. Good thing you are not in Canada, that MRI would have ended up being during a motorcycle ride next spring! Things like that don't get the priority spots that cardiac MRI's do here.

  3. It didn't rain here today, so guess what? I was out pushing my lawnmower around cutting both the front and back yards - almost made me wish for more rain.

    From reading several RV blogs, it sure seems there is a problem with filling prescriptions.


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