Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stuffy Overland Park

It was under 350 miles to get home, and you know how it is when you are close enough to make it in one day....  You go for it...

At first we thought we might hold up in Northern Missouri and clean things up a bit, but when we were that close, we just pulled into a roadside park and used the dump station before hitting the KC metro area...

We don't seem to have many good RV parks in this area, so finding a Dump Station around town is a challenge...  But right at the Iowa line is the last rest stop as you are leaving... or the first as you are entering Iowa...  It has a fairly nice pull thru...

Of course we had to load everything out of the MH and take it over to storage tonight right as is was getting dark....  Its such a bummer that we can't keep the rig here for a couple of days to clean it and put it to bed...  The problem is that we can't open up the slides in the street out front...  And therefore you can't do much in the way of work inside...   Also washing the rig in the street seems to make the neighbors upset...

And we got a big long email from the HOA about having vacation toys in our driveways....  No boats, trailers, motorhomes...  Not over night....  This place is stuffy.....

Retired Rod


  1. Maybe it's time to stuff stuffy where it belongs & get yourself un-stuffed. A nice little one acre property on the edge of town somewhere with no rules or pesky neighbors:))

  2. That's the main reason I bought our 2 acre place in the unincorporated County, first thing I did was put a pad for the trailer along the driveway, and now can run 30 amp electric when needed.If visitors come I can move the fiver over and they can stay on the pad with plenty of parking foe all our vehicles.Even though they have incorporated into Dardenne Prairie all around my house and my neighbors are still in the County.Don't see any reason to pay city taxes when the same County Sheriff provides services for me and the City of Dardenne Prairie.

  3. Time to move and buy a nice place in the country.

  4. Still, I'll bet it's good to be back home. Thanks for taking us all along on what looked to be a fun, exciting and interesting vacation.

  5. I agree - time to move. Someplace that you could keep the MH with you. Easier said than done though. Glad you're home safe and unloaded.

  6. If I was you I would "unstuff" myself from any property where I had that kind of nonsense going on..I used to be in the same boat and I don't miss it. Keep up the good work with your blog. I look forward to it every day. We've been enjoying our "fulltime" lifestyle since last October. We even have a few parks that are less "stuffy". 1 of your followers--Charlie


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