Friday, January 17, 2014

Paying for that overnight shipment last week....

OK, I thought the little light wires I had ordered would be here today... Wrong...

They shipped them by the post office.....  But the tracking number didn't work in the post office tracking system...  It was a number that started with 1Z which sounds like a UPS number, so for grins I copied it over to UPS tracking and it came up as coming from Texas...  And going to Mesa, Az...  Well that had to be right..

And it arrived in Mesa yesterday, so I assumed that it would be delivered today....  That's the wrong part.... When I looked the package had been transferred to the post office... So essentially it was mailed locally...  Of course that could take days....

My friend Rich from Des Moines arrives on Tuesday, so that means that Q is now out of the picture...

Maybe I could drive down and do the big tent thing on Sunday or something, but that makes a huge day out of a couple of hours at the tent....   But I've been every year......  See the argument I'm having with myself here...


  1. I think it's a PITA to have to wait for a package that is supposed to be delivered by a certain date. I prefer to use USPS for all mail and packages and find them as reliable as UPS or FedEx. I'd say, go ahead and make the drive to Q, and enjoy the day.

  2. The system I've had the most trouble with over the years is the so called 'Smart Post' where is starts with one of the package carriers and is turned over to the Post Office for final delivery. Hope you package arrives soon.
    Gonna be watching to see who wins the Q argument.

  3. Wouldn't be a hard decision for me to make - I'd skip the Q in a heartbeat!

  4. Well, you could stay home and do all those exciting other things instead. If you just said 'what other exciting things?' then go. Just my opinion.

  5. I'm with John--that's the system I have the most trouble with, "Smart Post" is anything but smart!!


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