Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Routine

The same old holiday routine had me off to Lake Ozark this past weekend...  I went down on Thursday and came home Monday...  We did the usual stuff....  Cooked way too many good meals and ate every bite of it....  I had both of my son's and their families along..

On Sunday night we had the Taco bar...  Marinaded Chicken done on the grill and the beef done in the taco seasoning.....   Then all the fixens....  Danielle made a special Mexican cheese dip with spinach in the crock pot....   Needless to say we were spreading cheese dip all over the tacos, making them open face tostada style...  With oddles of gooey cheese running off of the sides...... Don't tell the cardiologist...

It rained this morning but no one was done playing on and in the lake...  So once it let up things progressed with more boat rides and jet ski jaunts....  It was late and I was packed up, so I left it in the kids capable hands to shut things down..

It was dark when I arrived home so they will be late into the night.... The kids will have school tomorrow, so I hope they don't snooze in school....

It rained again heavily on the way home....  It was so dense that I had to stop once to let the worst of it pass me by...

Today, September 1st was Loyce and my anniversary...  So its a little sad here once things come to a complete stop....  I'll try not to dwell on it.....   She passed away on the 8th last year, and its hard to realize that a whole year has gone since that day......

Well tomorrow we have another motorcycle ride in the morning, so perhaps that will keep my mind busy......  And on Wednesday there is yet another ride to Vassar, Kansas....  Its supposed to be in the mid 90s that day....  I'll be killed...

Retired Rod


  1. I think family holiday get-togethers are all about eating, and it sounds like you guys ate well!

  2. Nice you had a big get together with family, the food sounds great also. You made it home safe also, unfortunately many do not on this weekend.

  3. Glad you had a chance to enjoy your time with the kids on the last of the long summer weekends.
    I remember the feeling of loneliness that seemed to grow deeper. The pain of loss had eased but I was lonely even though I was keeping myself busy.
    Now that your thinking is more rational you could consider downsizing the number of properties that you have. That will free up some of your resources and time to travel and your personal needs. It will also take away the stress of worrying about the maintenance as well. Memories are in the heart so you don't have to keep the property for the memory.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. It is good you have had your motorcycling hobby & all the fellowship that goes with that this past year. You have been keeping yourself active doing something you enjoy. This will be a difficult week for you & it's hard to believe it's been a year already. All the best & keep that positive attitude of yours going...................

  5. Sending hugs for you this week. I'm glad you have things planned to help you get through this time. Don't melt on the ride.


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