Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No wet bike rides for me...

It rained again today.....  And that wouldn't be of interest except that it rained last Wednesday too....  And Wednesday is when we go on the long motorcycle rides to far away places..  But not in the rain...

Last Wednesday the planned ride was out to Pamona Lake at Vassar, Kansas...  There is a golf course there and they had scheduled the riders for a luncheon...  But the weather forecasters had other ideas as we had lightning bolts coming down in rapid succession...   I don't do lightning on the motor cycle..    So we decided to drive...  And of course when we arrived it was sunny and bright..

Most of the Wednesday crowd comes from Topeka, so they couldn't understand why we were coming in the Jeep....

Yesterday we rode to Wellsville which is just South of Olathe  right down the Interstate highway..  That was an interesting place because the downtown is old brick streets and most of the shops are antique offerings..  But the restaurant is Bar Be Cue and very tasty to boot..

But this morning we were supposed to ride over to Lawrence where Kansas University is located...  Its only about 30 miles over there...  and as I backed the bike out of the garage to go....  as I was standing there, a deluge of water came from the sky soaking me to the bone..  So I calmly rolled it back in the garage and took the car again..

I would have just passed on the ride, but I remembered the chicken fried steak from last year... And it was big and good...  So I drove over...  And just like last week it was dry and somewhat sunny in the next county West...  Again I was explaining that it was pouring over in KC....  To which I was getting the "Ya sure just like you said last week"  line...

I probably won't take the car to Wednesday rides any more....  LOL

Other than that, I have been doing some fall jobs around here and thinking about the trek next month to Arizona...  The weather here will deteriorate rather rapidly after Sept 30....  Rain will become the new normal and cold will set in on most mornings...

So its time to do all the fall oil changes and so on Monday I worked on the garden tractor that I use as a mower...  Its an older John Deere with a Kohler engine..  It has an oil filter and a pressure system..  I was changing the oil after I had mowed and it was still hot....  So when I took the cap off of the drain, oil went everywhere in and explosion..  It was as thin as water....  That gave me a mess to clean up later that afternoon....  But I'm making a list of things to do before I leave and these oil changes are at the top...  Most of the items will not be started again until spring..

Tomorrow its motorcycles and the hobby car...

Other than that, its just family stuff like baseball games and cookouts...  And on the grill session Sunday evening, we ran out of propane right in the middle of the cooking....  That set us back about a half and hour...

Are you thinking about your winter travels as well.....?

Retired Rod


  1. I don't even let Jim out of the rig if there's lightning anywhere close. No way on a motorcycle. I would think staying dry would be a priority. Have you heard how your house is surviving with all the rain in Mesa? Ginny told me most of the rain seems to be falling west of AJ so hopefully the rig hasn't floated away. You're going to get back to AZ before us so we'll see you when we get there.

  2. Yeah, we're getting "hitch Itch". I have multiple trip plans made because we're not sure when we'll be able to leave because of Linda's doctor appointments and may have to change plans at the last minute.


  3. I'm glad you don't ride the motorcycle in the rain. I'm always surprised to see them on the road when it rains, and I think it's just plain dangerous.

  4. Yep, we are definitely getting hitch itch as we have two-three inches of snow on the ground and more falling!!

  5. I think we may have missed our weather window to get south this year. We have had about 15 inches of snow over the last couple of days although today looks a lot better. Hoping it will melt and Brenda's knee will heal and then it is southbound and down, but probably not for a couple of months.

  6. I'm headed your way on Sept 29, flying. Then Mom and I will drive to Nashville where she will visit friends there while I gallivant around, possibly going over to Norfolk, VA to visit a high school friend. Come back via Arkansas and family there, visit the KC family for a few days, then fly home on Oct 15. Hope to get to meet you this year while you are in AZ.

    As for the rain, it started just as I got to work in Awakatukee (sp?) at 2am, at 6am things were falling apart for anyone on the roads, by noon when I got off work it was dry again. If you want any pics of your place to see if it is ok, pm or email me at shadowmoss at gmail and I'll run out and send you what I see.

  7. I only ever got caught in one bad rain storm on the bike & that was enough. No way would I ever voluntarily ride on a rainy day. We[re only weeks away from rolling out & yep I got the itch real bad.....

  8. You have a very nice blog, and your header is lovely!


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