Thursday, November 20, 2014

Certifiably Nuts!

We met again at the Denny's restaurant on Chandler Blvd and the I 10 interchange...  Not many riders..  only 4 bikes but one had a couple on it....  It was cool outside, only in the mid 50s when I left the house...  About 59 when we were standing around at Denny's...   No one else showed up to go...

After 10 Am we left and headed down to the Maracopa turn off  at the Wild Horse Casino...  They thought maybe some others would join us at the corner along the Gila River Indian Reservation but no one was around....  We rode on to Maracopa..

As we made it to the center of town, the couple on the Honda trike seemed upset that no one else was coming and they apologized over the CB radio and decided to go back home.....   Say what?

Now there was just the ride leader John, myself and the lady from Vancouver Island, that rides her Goldwing down here in the fall...  Her name is Donna, and she can ride that Goldwing better than me....!

We headed for Gila Bend on Az 238 also known as Maracopa Road..  And it was during that time that John and Donna hatched a plan...  Over the CB...  I could only listen as I use a hand held plugged into my Blue Tooth headset..

They were going to Yuma now instead of Ajo......  They were going to stop and ask me what I thought...  So I held my hand UP with a Big Thumbs UP signal...  That took them by surprise as they didn't know I was listening...  Donna said "can you hear us Rod?"  I shook my head and held up my thumb..   Is Yuma OK....?  I held up my thumb again...  So were now going to Yuma.....!!!

And we did make it to Yuma out in the Fortuna Hills area, where we ate lunch on a picnic table outside the truck stop station...  There we decided to go on up to Quartzsite...

At Quartzsite it looked really empty where the big tent is usually erected for the RV show..  It appeared that they were spreading more rock  on the site with end loaders...  So they are getting prepared...  Also it is amazing how many RVs are out in the BLM grounds to the South of town..  People must live there long term...  Not too sure about the 14 day limit...

We gassed the bikes up town and I had to change the radio channel as the skip was coming in on the original choice....   Of course they do it right on their dash, but my hand held is in the rear top case, so I have to stop...

As we headed West on Quartzsite's main street, we passed by the Reader's Oasis, where Paul Winer was standing in the front door "Au Naturel", watching the traffic go by....   Only in Quartzsite..!!!

We didn't mess around much, as we still had the I 10 trip back to Phoenix ahead of us...  We arrived back in downtown right at 5 PM  The folks that drive that rush hour traffic are aggressive and nuts.. We stayed in the HOV lane which allowed us to move faster at times, but we were stopped a lot too...

A side note here, the trike is much easier in this kind of traffic, as you don't have to keep putting your feet down and supporting a 950 pound motorcycle....  Stop and go traffic on a big bike is difficult...

It was after dark when I opened the garage.....   Biscuit is for sure I am a bad daddy for leaving her alone all day...!  She is laying on my right foot as I type this so I can't get away from her again...

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, you are a riot !!!! Glad you had a good trip..... Long day but fun all the same.... I know The Biscuit was thrilled to see you !!!


  2. PS.... Like the map.... Makes it so much easier to follow the narrative.... Thanks !

  3. I cannot believe you did that. I don't think I want to do that in the truck, let alone on a bike. Please teach me how to do that map thing.

  4. I love it when plans change as you go, for me in the car (or when I had my RV), and for you on the bike. The only time I was in Quartzite was before the big crush of campers. It was something to see once, but I doubt I'd ever go back.

  5. The last time we were in Quartzsite, at least some of that area South of town was long term, so they may be there all winter.


  6. Glad you had a good ride.
    Give Biscuit some extra loving today.
    I've read somewhere that you can purchase a four or six month pass on the LTVA so that might have been what you were seeing in Quartzsite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. You better get on down to your Can-Am dealer and get a CB installed on that rig. Sounds like you had a great ride. I was watching out for you when I was in town today.

  8. That was a real monster ride, Rod. Maybe you should get a little 'doggie-cage' rigged up on your bike so you could take Biscuit along with you?


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