Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday motorcycle breakfast and then lunch too...

We had the Goldwing Road Riders Assn Mesa Chapter meeting Saturday for the month of November..  And being optimistic I managed to be over at the buffet at 8 AM..  We had a nice meeting with breakfast, and I managed to only take a small plate of breakfast items and not go back for seconds...  And that's hard to do for me in those food of plenty style buffet places...

After the meeting, we all lined up to go to North Scottsdale and the Penske Auto Mall...  A place to buy expensive exotic cars...  Bently, Maserati, Ferarri and stuff like that...

I took some pictures with my phone, but the club photographer was wandering around and even managed to get a photo of Roger Penske himself...  The photos included here are from his shots..

They have a Racing Museum in the center of the auto group and it was quite the thing to see... But many of the cars out and around the car dealerships were just as impressive....

Club members wear blue shirts and even I have one on back in the back with suspenders over it... LOL

Our club photographer actually managed to get a picture of Roger Penske himself and talk to him for a moment, as they were having a meeting on the second floor of the museum..  That is where the trophies are on display, but because of the meeting we will have to return on another day to see them..

We ended up at the Scottsdale Western Honda dealership where they were having a cook out for their anniversary...   They had picnic tables set up out under the shaded roof overhang where bikes are normally displayed....  I had a bratwurst... and a roasted jalapeno pepper...  it was stuffed with cream cheese......  and a lot of the seeds were still in it too......  hot.!!

Comparing art??

And over here we have.......

Us older folks don't have much art....?? LOL

But we know how to eat at a Bar B Cue..

It was a fun day....  We rode singly back to Mesa...  That I mean by ourselves, not it a group...

The Red captions are from the GWRRA photographer.. I tried to just include a link to his album, but the pictures were emailed to me so I had to download and upload all of them...  I'm sorry if I broke the rules about too many...  But they tell the story better than I could have with words...

Retired Rod


  1. When you got to the Honda dealership did they make you park the Can-Am around back?

    1. Well I did park it with the trucks across the lot, but more because of its size... LOL

  2. Boy, I'm jealous. I got rid of my 91 ST1100 before we went fulltime last year. I'm on oxygen 24/7, so I didn't ride very often anymore. I love the CanAm, my dream bike now!

  3. Do I dare tell Jim about that museum? I'm not sure I can handle another car show of any kind. lol


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