Monday, October 19, 2015

The latest doings and a road trip.

As I sit here, and read that I am missing in action, I realize that it has been  a while since I have posted a blog...  Life was boring but very busy this last couple of weeks....  Each fall, I start off changing oil in most of the toys for the winter...

So adding a collector car only added to that work..  It wouldn't be bad, but I don't know exactly what year the engine is in the old chevy...  We guessed about 2003 but the oil filter from that erra didn't fit..  Turns out a modern day filter from 2007 and newer screws right on..  I need to find the engine number on the block but don't know where to look..  The engine is so jammed into the old frame and fenders, it would be hard to see as well..

The motorhome was taken to Freightliner for its annual service.  That's expensive but it is next to impossible to service at my city lot home..  Not to mention the 4 gallons of used oil that come gushing out when you pull the plug..

I also hired the pontoon boat serviced, while we were in Huntsville, Alabama..  They did a tune up at the same time..  That was just in time for the labor day weekend..  It was much needed, as the engine was running sick..

I lost track, but I think everything was serviced...  Oh and the underground sprinkler system needed blown out.  But I had to wait for the Google fiber folks to fill in all the holes they dug putting in their new system..  I washed with the pressure washer in my driveway for the longest time to get rid of the mud..  They pieced the sod back together in my front yard... Are we having fun yet?

Well, anyway during all of this, I parked the MH in the driveway and began loading stuff for Arizona..  That was when I decided that the axles in the 48 chevy needed serious service..  The shop that sold me the car couldn't hear what I was complaining about, until we got going about 50 mph and turned off the engine and coasted in neutral..   Then it stood out plainly..  Of course I bought the car as is..  Since it is pieced together from used parts..

As it turned out, the bearings in the back wheels had ruined the axles..  And they had already had spacers put into them once before..  So I got to buy all new parts..  Ouch..

Once that car was back in storage and the clothes and stuff were in the rv, I left the house..  Enough with all this fun..      I wasn't overly prepared, and had fun driving across brown old Kansas thinking about all the stuff I should have  brought along.  I stopped at Wal mart in Emporia, KS to pick up the first cart full..  I had let the groceries run way down in order to not have so much to load.

Friday night was spent at Western Star RV park in Liberal, Ks. 390 miles.  Last night was at American RV in Albuquerque, 380 miles and tonight I am at the KOA in Holbrook, Az.  240 miles.  All three of these parks have been jammed with travelers..  The lady in Albuquerque, scolded me for no reservations, and put me on the very front corner of the lot.  That was about 100 feet from I 40 interstate..  I ran the fan in the AC, and left the TV on to try and cover up the noise, but was awake at 5 AM.  The time change made that an hour earlier, so it was 6 back home..

Its less than 200 miles from this park to my home in Mesa, and its down hill most of the way..  I'm hopeful to make it in the morning..  I haven't changed my watch to Arizona time yet either... One day at a time..

Retired Rod                                                                          


  1. We've missed your adventures but knew you'd be back soon.
    You should learn to drive less in a day and take the time to actually see the areas that you are driving through.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I can't believe you are back in Mesa so long before we're going to get there. Jim is still really jealous of your new ride. Be safe.

  3. Are you going to have to get a job to pay all those bills? ;)

  4. So glad to see you back on here --missed you muchly!! Glad you are okay.

  5. Welcome back to AZ, we beat you by three days this year!

  6. Imagine we will be down around that Arizony way in a couple weeks or so.


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