Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Up a Mountain and Broken Laptop

I haven't completely disappeared..  but my laptop went South on me....  Its a Dell and a fairly nice one but....  It didn't survive the trip to Arizona..  It won't boot up..  Looks like a hard drive crash...  And my software product code is somewhere back in Kansas...

I could go purchase a new hard drive but then I would have to buy another copy of windows 10...  That seems like money that doesn't need to be spent...   So I have been living with just this tablet computer...  It has nothing on it that didn't come with it..  Its a microsoft surface with 128 Gig.  Nice enough, but not as a production computer with out another backup machine..

I did get picasa downloaded and edited the header picture, but it is one I downloaded from the group photographer that went with us on our first ride up Mt Lemmon North of Tucson..  That went up to 9,000 feet and it was really cold up there...  I wasn't dressed for that and about froze..

That turned out to be a 325 mile day and I got home after dark...  Biscuit was really mad at me but didn't mess in the house...  It took her about a day to quit scolding me....

The following week we rode to Gila Bend on I 8 most of the way to Yuma...  The photographer wasn't along, so I have no photographic evidence..  Somehow my helmet wifi seems to run my phone down when its connected up...  I never have solved this problem..   Its been that way for a long time..

So that kills the phone for taking pictures, or using the maps feature to find my way home..  But after all these year coming to Arizona, I don't often get lost...  Well, except when we were in the North end of Tucson...

About half way down Mt Lemmon, there is a rest stop where the viewing point is built out over the mountain valley.  It makes kind of a dramatic picture...

I'll bet its kind of cold up there today, as it is only 63 degrees here in Mesa and the sun keeps going under the dramatic looking cloud cover..  It more than likely snowed up on the mountain..  The man in the Mt Lemmon restaurant was planning on closing for the season when we were there and that was almost three weeks ago..

I will have to determine if I can hook a wire from my camera to this tablet and download photos, as it will be Christmas before I can go find my product code  to try and fix the laptop...

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod,
    I bought a Windows 8 and download Windows 10 for free. Seems to be working wonderful. Hope you get something that works for you soon.

    1. Betty, once I get the key codes I should be able to download 10 directly using the 10 code.. I hope it will work that way... I can change the hard drive myself for under a 100 dollars...

  2. Nothing is worse than having to purchase a new computer or replace a bad hard drive. Downloading, looking for serial numbers and loading old programs on new computers causes all kinds of headaches. Good luck to you with that.

  3. It sure can be chilly up there, but it is a very neat place to visit. The drive up and down is fun also. Good luck on the computer.

  4. My wife Donna's Dell laptop just crashed and we had to replace the hard drive probably would have been just as cheap to buy a new one.

  5. Sure been nice down here in the valley after our long hot summer. But I don't want it to get any colder. Sorry about the computer.


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