Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chilly but bike riding just the same..

I has remained cool here this week, as we were hoping the early 60 degree forecasts were going to be in error...  But they are not!

Yesterday we went to a grill over in the town of Gilbert.. The little shopping center is called the Farmhouse Meadows...   From the road is seemed somewhat extensive, but turned out to be a strip mall with mostly shops that would appeal to the gals..  But since we were guys, we went into the Groves Bar and Grill...

We promptly found half pound hamburgers and tater tots...  With Iced tea it all hit the spot...  Rich has a friend that lives out here from Iowa, and he plays guitar and sings...  He will be performing here at the Groves on Friday, so this was a trial run to find the place and learn the ropes...

Then today, I went out on the Motorcycle to my local barbershop over on Power Road...  The interplay in this place is beyond belief...  You forget why you came, but somehow my hair got cut in spite of all the badgering....

Then tonight we were over to Fuddruckers, for yet another hamburger...  I felt guilty and only ordered the small one...  But it was good and plenty with all the fixings that are available on the burger bar.... I was stuffed...  It was a late lunch-supper, and we didn't eat again...

I only saw 63 on the bike thermometer this afternoon, but pictures from back home in Kansas showed over 6 inches of new snow...   So 63 and sunny while riding the motorcycle will do just fine for us here...  We have been running the heat at night though...

Retired Rod


  1. Wow, you went over your quota for beef today, didn't you? I could probably put away a half pounder, but that would be it for a few days. I think weather in the 60's on a bike sounds too cold. Take care.

    1. We had the half pounder yesterday for lunch and a third pounder today for supper.... But still I felt like that was too much in the hamburger department.... LOL

  2. I look forward to the spring. Even though I will have lawn mowing to do I will enjoy the warmer temps.

  3. Next week is sure looking better temp wise. Thank goodness. If the clouds would go away at least I could handle the 60's and sunshine. But we do desperately need some rain. Maybe Friday. I think I could eat hamburgers every day. But I do try to throw some chicken, pork and veggies in the mix. Sounds like you and your buddy are having a good time.

  4. Glad to see your still keeping up with your quota of hamburgers Rod! Warmer weather is on the way for sure so things are looking up.


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