Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Roomba Arrives....

I"m not certain why, but the Roomba gods at iRobot have come thru and awarded me a new Roomba Pet model robot....  It arrived here around noon today......  I was skeptical... Because....

First of all, the company can't be responsible for everything that might happen to one of their devices...  Like running over dog doo doo....  It is a robot after all and doesn't have a detection system built in to identify hazards of that kind.....

But for marketing and public image they have taken care of me....  Perhaps with this blog, I can give them a big ATA BOY!!!!!

Well anyway the new machine is on charge....

Yep, no Poo on this one .....  Yet.........!

There seems to be two ways to charge this device...  It comes with a really big power brick that will plug directly into the side of the vacuum....  But also there is a charging station...  To use this, you plug the brick into the side of the station and the Roomba finds the station with its infra red sensors and then comes over and parks directly on top mating up electrical connections with the base...

Reading on the internet, some folks believe that the charging base limits the charge to three hours, while using the power brick without the base gives you the as long as it takes charge...  Meaning once the battery is completely charged up it will turn itself off of the brick....

All I know is that once I had taken the bottom off of the machine with 4 phillips screws and installed the old battery, the machine came to life and beeped its noise maker....   Its on charge directly from the power brick without the docking base with the correct orange lights winking...

So Thank You Roomba!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Wouldn't you have loved to see their faces when they opened the return box?

  2. Just remember to turn it off whenever you leave home without Biscuit! They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but take care.

  3. Glad you got that taken care of. I bet yours is a story that will live in infamy at Roomba Headquarters! I wonder if they have a company newsletter....

  4. Do NOT program it to automatically do it's thing. I really am impressed that they provided you with a new one. But I just can't imagine what they must be talking about around the water cooler.

  5. Yea for you, sorry for poor Biscuit, a new monster has entered her home!

  6. Boy, I was pretty sure the company wouldn't send a new one. Maybe they read the blog and figured that this is a positive way to promote their stuff. Anyway - congrats to your new Roomba. Hope the story doesn't repeat itself!

  7. Biscuit will need a new plan to destroy this evil monster. Good for Roomba - that story of yours is now probably legend at Roomba headquarters.

  8. The story is not just legend at ROOMBA HQ, but also in the blog-o-sphere!! Everyone's talking about this!

  9. Well, I guess I've learned something about a Rhoomba and dogs. Neither of which I own. But hey, if I ever weaken and get either, I'll know what to do. Well, maybe what *not* to do. Urp.
    In a similar fashion to "Fantastic Fan", looking after customers is the one sure way to keep a positive image in the public's eye. Especially with the popularity of social media, the net, etc.
    Good luck.

  10. Hope this new Roomba is the heavier duty commercial version of it's former counterpart. I hear tell it has the new 'stop & scoop' feature. Reportedly leaves your home smelling dog fresh & slipper friendly.


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