Wednesday, July 30, 2014

$50 now $60..................

We went to the Cattle Sale Auction on Tuesday, and there is no way I can do a good job of reporting this like the folks did on the Romeo web site...  So to see numerous pictures and one not too becoming photo of me taking a bite out of my hamburger......   Go here   !

The phone bill came in on my cell phone, and the amount charged was in fact what they promised the second time I cut the deal....  I did get a $75 credit and a $10 a month promotion on my data bill....   So the phone turned out to be $225 on the bill this month and then the $10 off for then next twelve months which will reduce that by $120....  Provided I live that long.... LOL  So I guess that makes the phone cost back to the $100 deal that I was trying to get... Just a round about way of getting there.

The Galaxy 5 is considerably bigger than the old Galaxy 3 and is a big brick in my pocket... But it is much faster and has oodles of features that weren't on the old phone either...  For starters, it has a 16MP camera...

This is the Cattle Auction from the parking lot...  It was over 5 megabytes before I used Picasa to shrink it for the blog....  It still looks fairly good even it its small size here...  Still the camera is looking thru a ordinary piece of window glass and doesn't have much of a lens...  But it is amazing how well it does do...

All the motorcycles were parked behind me, as we were trying not to overtake the regular patrons that were actually buying cattle...

Retired Rod


  1. What - you didn't buy a cow? I thought maybe you'd take one home to keep Biscuit company. lol Great picture from your phone.

    1. Sandie, I realize I do live in Kansas and most folks can have a cow in their back yards..... But here in the city, that might get me into a heap o trouble with the neighbors.......LOL

  2. I think it's so ironic that the size of cell phones keeps growing. My first cell was when I lived in Ireland in 2000, and it was about the size of a brick and weighed nearly as much. Then I came back to the US and the various cell phones I've gotten since then kept getting smaller and smaller as well as more lightweight. I recently saw someone with a new phone and that thing was damn near the size of a brick! I wouldn't trade my little Jitterbug for anything!

  3. I'll be interested to hear how you like the new Samsung. With Apple about to introduce a bigger screen it looks like we're heading to phablets!


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