Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why is it so hot in here?

Just a quick little story to let you know I am still alive and well.....  As you know, we rode the motorcycles down to the lake of the Ozarks...  It was a really nice day...

But of course on the way back it was raining all morning and then the storm split into two blobs on the radar and we rode right thru the middle of them.... Nary a drop...  But it was in the high 80s with both the humidity and the temps....  So it wasn't all that nice....

We rode on just like it was 65..  But in the process, it takes over three hours to make the trip... I was a tad dehydrated when we got home....

When Biscuit and I retired to our bedroom, it was hot up there.  We had turned up the AC while we were gone..  And even though we turned it back down, you know how two story houses never catch up in the upper story...

Well I have the portable AC that we often put in the motorhome...  In the bedroom, just to help out...  When we left, I opened the window and pulled in the hot air hose..  Then locked the window...

And of course last night in the dark, I forgot that fact...  Turned the unit on and went to bed...  I awoke at about 2:30 AM, only to find my room at about 130 degrees.....  Seems the hot air going out the exit hose is way more than the cool air coming thru the louvers...

So in the middle of the night, I am standing in the open window trying to center the hose and its window plugs and get the window back down on it just so....  In my underwear to boot...  Not sure anyone would have been watching at that dark hour...   But hey who knows.....?

It did cool off fairly quickly once the hot air was on the outside of the house.....  I guess that hot motorcycle ride effected me more than I originally thought.....  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. It's bad enough when the days are hot, but nothing is worse than trying to sleep in a hot room.

  2. When it's that hot who cares what you have on or don't have on. I'd just want it to cool down. Gypsy's right - just can't sleep when it's so hot. But that being dehydrated thing is not good. You need to stop more often to drink more. Take care.

  3. I used to ride a lot and all that wind will dehydrate you, or give you frost bite up here. Those a/c units are neat and easier than a window unit for weak people like me. The air hose is light and easy to use.
    Back in my working years...A manager had three giant industrial a/c units of the same design, delivered. I asked where the condenser air was coming from and going to. We were in an underground reinforced concrete building with no open doors and no windows. He quickly jumped my poop and told me to stick to things I know, " This is a high tech unit and the heat goes back into the electrical system and leaves the building.". I walked away and wished him luck on that one. A few weeks later, the units were removed and a professional system was installed. He got a promotion and I never was told I was correct. That was life in a big corporation. It is nice to be retired.

  4. You're lucky you didn't end up cooked in your bed, Rod!!

  5. I always say that if anyone wants to take a look at me in my own house in my underwear? They need a new hobby.


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