Friday, October 10, 2014


Does our mood rub off on our dogs?  Biscuit is whining at me for some reason, but its unknown what that might be....Lets see, she went out potty, has food in her bowl and water too....  She is just whining at me because she feels bad........

Or is it because I am not motivated...?   Lets see, its overcast and cold outside...  Barely 50 degrees in rain showers... Misty dreary soak you to the bone rain showers...  I would have left here by now, but.....

The motorhome is still over at the Freightliner repair shop...   Well on a good note, the parts are supposed to come in today...  Assuming that they do, they will be installed sometime this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow... They do work on Saturday.

Well what about the motorcycle...?  It has what we call the Honda front end shake...  It has always done this to varying degrees..  Honda Goldwings are notorious for this problem...  New tires and complete balancing didn't help any...  It shakes if you let go of the handlebar...  So according to Honda, Just don't let go....  You shouldn't be riding no handed anyway...  So they won't help you with the problem.....!

We have a neighborhood mechanic over in Lawrence named Tim, and that is where the bike is...  Tim is replacing the bearings in the neck..  That's the front of the frame where the handlebars go thru the frame...  Like a bicycle...  The thought is that these bearings are weak from the factory and need to be replaced with ones that are much more robust..  On the Goldwing it is at least a 4 hour job...

Tim claims he will be done late in the day, today.. (Friday)..  But its too cold to go over in the rain, so I will have to get the utility trailer on the back of the Jeep to go after it...  Besides, I am only one guy and can't drive both vehicles back home...

So I'm moping around this morning not knowing what to do next....  My destiny is in the hands of my repair folks....!  LOL

Something will happen, but who knows what....

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, I'm not a camper, but I came across your blog and put it into my feed because I enjoy finding out what is up with you. I am so sorry to hear about Loyce's passing. We older folks need to stick together! (I'm 57 on Monday. Hubby is 60 and we are retired, too.) Life changes at our ages are always big and hard to deal with. Know there are folks out here in internet land, peeking over your shoulder and wishing you well. Denise

  2. Dogs definitely reflect our moods. When I'm antsy and on edge, Skittlez gets all clingy and has to be next to me. I think that is their way of trying to comfort us and make things better. Frustrating to sit and wait for others to get stuff done when you want to get out of there. Soon, very soon.

  3. Biscuit is figuring, "what are we doing sitting here in the rain and cold, when we have that nice place in the warm." "C'mon Boss, let's load up and git."

  4. I echo the comments of Denise, Jim & Sandy. Know those feelings well. Only way to ditch them there dumpy feelings is to get on the road to sunny warm Arizona as soon as soon all the repairs are done & things are in order. A change of geographical perspective works for me every time.

  5. You probably have a good case of hitch itch! Hope everything is fixed up and ready to go soon, and the weather cooperates.

  6. Biscuit must think it's time to head south. Nothing worse than having your destiny in the hands of a repair shop!


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