Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The evidence...............!

There's the plastic bag  that came from the Pet store...  In the bottom there are several beef Bully Sticks....   She loves those and will almost kill for them....  The bag wasn't all spread out like that, it was ready to move into the motorhome, if I ever get it back...  But Biscuit's smeller was working overtime.....

Who me..???  Whadya mean what's that in my paws...?

You were tryin to hold out on me, weren't ya dad....?

Retired Rod for Biscuit..


  1. Aw, she just couldn't wait! She knew you wouldn't want to to wait.

  2. Sometimes temptation just overtakes us and makes us do things. But when you're as cute as Biscuit, it's okay.

  3. Smart dog, well done Biscuit.

  4. Biscuit needs a book written about her antics, Dad! ;)


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