Sunday, October 12, 2014


The motor cycle was finished right on schedule Friday afternoon...  Its was raining and cold.. So I went with the trailer and picked it up....

The motorhome was not done on Saturday, as there are still no parts to be had anywhere...  They keep promising that they will be in tomorrow, but the awful truth is they have no idea where any parts might be or when they will be here....

I'm sitting here grumbling.......!!

Retired Rod


  1. I did not know newer Gold Wings had a shimmy problem. Hope the new bearings are the fix.
    The shimmy damper is an essential item on my GSXR.
    Hope the RV parts are in soon.

  2. Tom goldwings all have shimmy problems. It doesnt matter if they are new or old.. And the new bearings only partially fixed it...

  3. Never had a bike with a shimmy but I knew a girl once who had quite a shimmy.


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