Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pictures from the Desert

You’ve read so many of these, that I don’t need to explain other than that this was last Thursday the 5th of February and we again went on what they call the Roosevelt Lake Loop…  The Club photographer was along and took all of these pictures from his bike as he rode along behind us…

He doesn’t participate in the group ride, and over the years has their blessing to leave and not follow along..  Or stop and take a picture from a better vantage point…  I’m new and barely allowed to participate due to a non Goldwing bike, so I go with the flow and stay in line like a good fellow…

Fullscreen capture 10302014 31854 PM.bmp

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00102.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00202.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00302.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00402.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 006 - Copy02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 007 - Copy

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00802.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 00902.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 010

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 01102.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 01202.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 014

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 017The mine in Globe..

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 01802.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 01902.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 020


02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 02202.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 02602.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 028

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 029

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 03302.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 03402.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 035

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 04002.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 04302.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 044

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 04702.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 05102.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 054

02.05.15 Rosevelt Lake 059

Thanks to Chet Shupe for these nice pictures…

Retired Rod


  1. The pictures are really nice. I guess it's a trade off to have scheduled rides and people to go with, vs. the look-down-their-noses at someone who doesn't fit their strict idea of what you should be riding on. Good for you for doing what pleases you!

  2. Being on the receiving end of down nose glances would have me out of there so fast the only left behind me would be vapor trail.

  3. Folks, I am all by myself........ out here.....

  4. I think it's great that you have folks to ride with even with their noses bent out of shape over your non-Goldwing. And you are sure seeing some beautiful countryside. Really great pictures.


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