Monday, February 9, 2015

Repairs Blur.......

Last week was a blur, and I didn't get much posting done...  But as Al calls it here goes blabber fingers.....!

When we were out in Quartzsite, the wind blew fairly hard on Wednesday...  The flags flew and many people had to take them down...  I was in at the big tent....  But while I was gone the wind re arranged the slide top awnings on the side of my rig....   I had replaced the big slide awning topper in 2011, but it was the first to rip...

It tore in from the edges on both ends.. The wind also ripped the fabric of the bedroom slide on the drivers rear slide too...  It was actually ripped with bare ends of the fabric fiber looking like they were yanked out of the track...  On the passenger side the topper was also torn in about 4 inches.... But I needed a ladder to see how the kitchen topper fared as it is under the big awning roll...  It was one of those  awe shoot moments when I got back home...

Once back in Mesa, I got the idea that this should be covered by insurance, so I called the Insurance Company and the East Valley RV Specialists, who are the endorsed Tiffin repair facility here in the East end of Mesa...  It was Friday and was raining cats and dogs, when I managed to get the rig over to the repair shop... That was the first available time for an appointment.

They took me back to the storage facility in the rain, so that I could retrieve the Jeep since I hadn't hooked it up...  Then I waited to hear from the insurance company or the EV RV folks.... By Tuesday still nothing....  So I had to loose my peace with some folks....  By Wednesday they had finally looked at the toppers and yes all four needed to be replaced....  I was bummed out...

But the insurance fellow dropped the bomb that I had $1k deductable on comprehensive losses for coverage....  And of course they had to take depreciation on the years that I had received service..... Yada Yada...

So by Friday, I  had new slide toppers.... and I needed to come pick up the rig....  The total bill was $1,500..  And the sun was now shinning so bring your jeep and tow bar along with the money...  Inferring that they wouldn't be taking me anywhere to jockey vehicles..

It took about 3 hours to go collect the vehicle, hook it up and drive to storage.. Then separate them and get back home....  The insurance fellow promised about $300 net of the deductables which is to be mailed sometime in the near future.... LOL Ouch..

In the middle of all of this the Can Am dealership called and wanted the trike back to do warranty work....  I was told to bring it in Thursday.....  That was the day we did the Roosevelt Lake Loop, so I informed them it would be after 4 PM...

Again the ticket writer had sympathy for me and brought me back to my house after 7 PM when he got off of work.....  They had the engine partly apart on Friday as there were leaks in a housing gasket on some of the bikes...  So all bikes got the new repair parts..  The cover was on the transmission side of the engine, and mine hadn't leaked.........yet!!  The dealer said that it was only a matter of time and that they had done this fix on all the newer 1330cc engines they had sold.....

Right after I arrived back home from parking the now fixed motorhome, they called to come get the Can Am...  Dam... I wish Biscuit could drive.......  The ticket writer informed me that he had to get right home that night and wouldn't be available to take me anywhere.....

So I left the Jeep over at the motorcycle shop....  Rode the Can Am home and gave up for the rest of the night....  I didn't want to call any of my friends on Friday night...  Hey come bail me out.... and right now....  Uh, nope not gonna do that...

So on Saturday morning, I rode back over to the dealership (8 miles)  to make sure the Jeep hadn't been bothered during the night.. and to get some breakfast while I thought this one thru...  I was considering who I could get to help me, but then it dawned on me how to straighten things out..

I drove the Can Am to the storage lot, and traded it for the motorhome....  Drove the motorhome to the motorcycle shop and hooked up the jeep on the back...  Drove both vehicles back to the house out here in South East Mesa....   Dropped the Jeep and put it in the driveway...  Drove the motorhome back to storage and parked it in its spot...  Then rode the Can Am back home....

It was 3 PM before I got all of this accomplished....  I think every thing is now back in its correct parking facility and the repairs are done...  Whew...!

Retired Rod


  1. You must be so frustrated after dealing with repairs, insurance, etc., and then having to make double trips just to get the vehicles jockeyed around. Hope everything goes well from here on.

  2. Whew!!! that was a lot of driving ---- or maybe you're just practicing so you can come see me!!! (I do have this brilliant idea) you make my driving ten miles back and forth to work seem like small potatoes---

  3. P. S. please email me at

  4. Sounds like you need to add a tow truck to that fleet of vehicles you have. Maybe one with an extra long deck so you can haul the Jeep and the bikes.

  5. I hate asking people to help me, too. But, in that case someone driving you to get the bike or jeep would have been much simpler.

  6. You drive me crazy. We would have come to get you. That's what friends are for!!!!!!!! Glad everything is repaired and back where it belongs. But you still drive me crazy.

    1. I knew you would come help... But not on a last minute deal late on Friday night.... Not fair to you guys... Besides, I'm saving you for a real emergency.... LOL

  7. That's the kind of day that can really tie one's shorts in a knot.

  8. It is hard to ask friends to help isn't it! Glad you and all your toys are repaired and back in their rightful spots!

    1. Yes Janna, you just don't want to impose on folks... They're your friends and you want to keep them that way.... !

  9. I think it was Ben Franklin (heard of him?) that said that the way to make someone a friend is to ask them a favor. Even if they originally were not fond of you, asking a favor puts them on your side. His example was to ask to borrow a book, if memory serves. People like to feel helpful. In this day and age, asking for a ride falls into that same category. Just sayin'.


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