Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It got cold enough that I had to turn on the heat last night.....!   For the last two weeks it has been above 50 degrees in the early morning when it is its coldest....  Right at daylight, so the heat has been off...  It was in the 40s while I was at Quartzsite and I ran the heat in the motorhome every night...

That was the passive heater running on propane...   No fan...  I still had to have two comforters...!

Once home it was over 50 degrees almost immediately....  In the early mornings.... But we had a cold front go thru here on Monday that caused rain sprinkles...  The weather man calls that a rainy day... LOL...!

Anyway I looked a few minutes ago and its only 50 at 10 PM.....  Better turn that heat back on cause its going to be in the forties by morning.... LOL...      But my concern it the newly planted bushes.... It would be the  dumpers to freeze the newly planted bushes......

Retired Rod


  1. Cold over here too and we have Montana friends coming--forecast is for four days of cooler temps and rain!!

  2. So much ice & snow with freezing temperatures back in Bayfield I think we just might have to stay in Arizona for the summer. Looks like a cold wet week-end coming up for our area. Better carry a big propane heater along on that bike of yours.

  3. I am thinking you need to plant rocks instead of bushes. Seems like if the heat doesn't get 'em the cold does!

  4. Cold in Northeastern TN -- about a foot of snow now after braving 14 below temps last week----please tell me its only three weeks until spring!!

  5. Can you cover the new plants with a tarp or trash bag?

    Please be careful on the road.



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