Thursday, October 23, 2014

From Mesa!

There hasn't been much to report, as the trip down the mountain into Mesa was routine...  It isn't without its moments, though... You descend down from 7600 feet to 1400 feet in about 100 miles...  Up at the top, it looks like you are in Colorado with all the lodge pole pine trees and the cool air...

You wind around doing a bunch of ridge running until you go over the side of the cliff....  Well not literally, but you go down the side of the mountain on the edge of the road built into the wall...  They use bridges to suspend the gaps between the mountain peeks... You know, standard mountain driving stuff...

I used the exhaust brake to slow my descent as I had the Jeep on the back, which is the heaviest vehicle that I have ever pulled with the front engine diesel motorhome...  Remember I have the Dodge pickup sized engine at 6.7 liters and the Jeep at 4200 pounds is right at the edge of what I can successfully pull..

But we got here Sunday afternoon and it was in the mid 90s...  Which is always a shock to the system..  Especially since those summer temperatures left the Midwest several weeks ago..  And all that stuff that was loaded into the motorhome had to come inside the house..  I say "WE" but my partner is Biscuit, and she can't carry much inside for me...  LOL

That took me a couple of days to get mostly in here...  and I was very sore in the legs from climbing up and down the steps into the coach...  The motorhome still out in front of the house and needs washed, but I got side tracked..

As you know, I couldn't pull the motorcycle and the Jeep at the same time..  And buying another Jeep for out here is out of the question based on price...  So on Tuesday I went to my Honda dealer thinking I would buy another smaller goldwing style bike...  One without the top case and many of the options..  Its called an F6B...  That is cheaper too..

But such was not to be the case, as they were out of the 2014s and the 15s won't be here for several weeks...   But what they did have on sale were Can Am Spyders....

After a day of running around getting insurance and the money lined up, this is what I brought home last night...

This is a reverse tricycle...  With two wheels in the front and only one motorcycle style wheel in the back...  It has a car tire on the back, as this doesn't lean from side to side..  Several of my brothers from the Romeo Riders have these and they really like them.....

Otherwise, I have been calling the cable TV people trying to get the internet set up which turned into and exasperating experience...   I didn't want to write another rant, so I didn't write anything...  The short story sticking strictly to the facts, was that the cable was pre wired into our house, and they told me to just hook up their box inside and all would be good to go....  Ya, right....!

After chasing phone calls and fighting over a non existent password, some how an installer that never rang my door bell must have done something outside...  Out of the blue, it started working...  I only have 4 gigs of data on my phone so for this year I have given up and went to unlimited cable internet...  That will cost more, but I shut off the cable TV service in KC so it will come out about even in price...

Perhaps we are closer to being up to date now, but stay tuned something will get messed up tomorrow for sure....

Retired Rod


  1. Nice looking new Arizona toy. You really are going to have fun this winter. We're still almost two weeks away so I'm hoping the temperatures go down into the 80's before we get there. That would be so nice.

    1. 95 on the bike this afternoon... made me darned hot and sweaty....

  2. Like the look of that Can Am Spyder. So much so I headed off & Googled them. No balancing or stability problems. Nice. I'll bet they would do well on desert trails too. Not enough older used one's around for me to trade in my two wheel Honda yet though. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on it's handibility & does it have a coffee cup holder:))

  3. I was wondering how they drove also. I have always driven bikes and had a tough time on 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers ATVs.
    Some input about your adjustment would be nice.
    There are a lot of those running around Florida also.
    Good luck and be safe.

  4. To hear your description of the Can Am Spyder I think even I could manage one! It sounds like a lot of work to close up in Kansas and open up your house in AZ, and then you have to go through it all again after a few months. You need a few days of relaxation!

  5. Glad to see you all setttled in Mesa and taking care of your most urgent priorities - getting a new bike and cable setup! Well done, Rod.

  6. Now this is something I would ride.

  7. I see the trike is in the garage and the (now, not so new) Jeep is outside. :)

    1. The motorhome was blocking the drive making the jeep drive over the yard in order to get into the garage... So I was leaving it in the street so as not to do damage to the yard...

  8. I think I missed something. What happened to salt and pepper? Did both of them end up in Kansas, so you had no way to get one back to AZ? Like the looks of the new toy, though. Guaranteed to keep boredom away.


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