Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm outa there

I had better get to  blogging or the prophecy made by Run N Rose several days ago will come true...  She said that I would just show up in Mesa one day, as I make the trip rather quickly...

So tonight, I am in Arizona, but not in Mesa... Rather I am camped in the KOA in Holbrook...   I came from broken camper waiting for recall parts.. to being here rather quickly...

We went to the Romeo ride on Tuesday up in Northern Kansas City...  The ride was to Weston, a small village on the Missouri river...   This is a tourist community where wine making and antiques are the main items sold on the old main street...   We ate breakfast in the old cafe on that main street...

When we returned back to Southern KC I went over to the freightliner dealer to see what the current excuse would be...  But to my amazement, the coach was done!!!  Of course they didn't have time to give me a call..  He said he was just about to call me... Ya, right....

So Wednesday was the load it up day, and Thursday was load the groceries and toiletries...  Once those are in, the house is no longer where you are going to sleep that night...

So by mid afternoon, I was on my way to Wichita..   I used to stay in a very nice CG that is all concrete and irrigated grass...  No mud anywhere...  But they want $50 bucks....

But this spring, I found an old KOA that is no longer affiliated, out West of the airport... $28..  I arrived just as the sun set...  And yes my site was muddy gravel....That night, I put all the stuff away once the motorhome was opened up so that I could get to the closets and the drawers...

On Friday, I drove all the way to Tucumcari, Nm...  This is all two lane roads that are choked with heavy trucks...  Surprisingly it moves right along in the high 60s..  But the road is so rough in Oklahoma and Texas that things fell all over inside the rig..

Today (Saturday) I left about 9AM..  It was all I 40, but I went right thru Albuquerque,,,  even though it was Saturday..   I stopped for lunch at the Casino out West of town where gas was much cheaper at $2.79..  Diesel however was as much as a dollar higher in town and $3.59 at the car lanes out front of the casino...  Its so big out there, I drove the MH right thru as well...

Once out of New Mexico, I gained the second hour because Arizona doesn't have daylight saving time..  That isn't too good though, as it is only 6 PM and its already dark outside...

Biscuit is a good little traveler, but doesn't want to eat too much...  But I fooled her this noon, by putting about a teaspoon of ranch salad dressing on her dog food...  Boy that changed everything..  she ate every morsel and even licked the bowl...  I won't make a habit out of that, but she needed to eat after three days...

If all goes well, its only a short drive to the Arizona house from here..

Retired Rod


  1. Glad you're nearly there, looking forward to your winter!

  2. I've camped at the KOA in Holbrook - if I remember it correctly it was super easy to get in and out of. Some road noise but it didn't keep me awake. You must be fairly close now. Stay safe!

  3. Sounds like a great trip, Rod ...... Rolling right along ..... Great trick with the Biscuit din-din !!!

  4. I think it's awful hot down here! Ranch dressing makes most things taste better.

  5. We're still at least two weeks behind you. But we will be seeing you when we get there.

  6. We just drove through Holbrook a couple of hours ago on a day trip that got really long.

  7. Smart of you to use the old Ranch to get a nervous dog to eat. Happy to hear of your safe travels also.

  8. I said to Brenda the other day, Rod will just show up in Arizona one day. Safe travels, what is left of it anyway.

  9. Uh, huh. Guess you can say that I've learned your ways, huh? It's good to know that you're almost home to AZ. Not that snow seems to be on the horizon back
    in Kansas! It seems summer is NEVER going to be over here in TX and elsewhere. I will have to try that salad dressing idea next time we have a Yorkie that won't eat. Suppose the next item on your agenda will be cleaning the dust out of the house like you did last year. Take care, and keep us posted. I like to know that all is well with you.

  10. Great to hear your on the road and almost in Mesa. Good trick in putting ranch dressing on Biscuit's food. Next, she'll be asking for Thousand Islands!


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