Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Now I have gone somewhere

As I was looking at the weather forecast on Thursday, I realized that it was going to get really cold over the weekend in Phoenix..  They were talking about Snow in the Rim area north on the way to Holbrook...   Snow...  

I wanted to be back here in Kansas today, (Tuesday) as the Romeo motorcycle group were having their Christmas lunch in a favorite barbecue in Belton, Missouri..   Since riding the bike was out of the question with my sore touchy, we took the old Chevy pickup.  Since most folks have now seen the truck, its old hat now..

There must have been 60 bikes and they counted 79 folks, so most all of the people did come on their motorcycle.   We filled the entire dining room.

So last Thursday I just tossed a bunch of clothes and Biscuit in the Jeep and started for home.  I stopped that night in Albuquerque..   With the dog, I stayed at a Motel 6..  It was one of the newly remodeled ones with the laminate floors..    No carpet..   It seemed cleaner, but the mattress was still thin and hard foam, and the bath towels are the size of hand towels..  Thin hand towels..

I didn't sleep much with my sore butt..  But look at the bright side, I was up early to get back on the road and beat the rainy, snowy, Western Kansas event.  Friday I drove all the way to Wichita.  My backside hurt all the way, and I did resort to some Alleve, even though it messes up my stomach and isn't compatible with by blood pressure med.

I Wichita, I stayed at a Rodeway Inn where I had to show the folks what Biscuit looked like and pay a cleaning fee.   She absolutely won't go potty in the house, but they don't know or trust that.   However much more that room cost, was well worth it..  We were on the road at 8 AM Saturday and into KC before noon.

So now I have set up housekeeping here again, complete with starting the heat pump which ran for most of the rest of the day.  We have had warmer temps here than in Mesa, but that came with a rain that flooded us out on Sunday.  The Minister at church Sunday, commented that it would have impressed Noah..

So now it is incumbent on me to try and get into the Christmas Spirit..  Any ideas?

Oh, Live Writer...  Since I usually use linux as an operating system, LW has never worked for me.   So I didn't know it was even gone.  But I do know how hard it can be when something that is a favorite is suddenly gone.   But I do hope everyone will continue to do a blog, as we miss you when your completely out of touch.....

Retired Rod


  1. Always good to know you are safely back in KC. Have fun. I think the cold weather is trying to get us in the Spirit.

  2. Going somewhere in pain is better than sitting still in pain. Keep up the good work!

  3. Red roof Inn has one price and and pets are free. I travel with two and all they ask is how many you have

  4. I wish all the irresponsible dog owners didn't make it so difficult for those of us who take owning a pet seriously! Glad you are "home" for the holidays, we will be heading back to Montana Sunday--BRRRRRR!

  5. Hopefully you get an opportunity to volunteer while you are there. That will spruce up your Christmas Spirit.


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