Monday, December 28, 2015

Storm sitting

Christmas is over and the dishes are done and put away.  I've eaten all the food in the fridge.  Even some of the old frozen dinners that should have been tossed out...

But what I am really doing is watching it snow out the back windows of the house...  The low pressure is traveling up the Mississippi River valley so we are on the back side of that low..  The warm rain is going up North toward Iowa and then freezing..   Its then coming back South around the low and dumping on us...

When I lived up in Iowa, the city people would get right out and start working on the roads the very moment it looked like snow...  Sometimes it would come down in bushel baskets so they always wanted to be ahead of that...

But here in KC its much different..  They never get much more than 6 inches and they really could care less if it gets cleaned.  Oh they get the major roads on the one mile grid, but the residential streets...........  not so much..  And I live on a dead end cul de sac..  So down it comes, coating everything white...  Its Ice underneath as it was freezing rain for the two days before.  I haven't started the jeep since the day before Christmas...

This storm is travelling Northward and Somewhat East thru Illinois...  Of course my itchy travel bug is nagging at me to get the He!! out of here for parts South and West...     "lets go!!!!"

But the pictures on the TV of all the cars sliding off of the roads thru Amarillo and parts West toward Albuquerque...  have me just parked....  You have a Jeep........ after all.....  What's your worry..   But what good is a Jeep in black ice...?  Do you want to drive 30 miles an hour all the way back to the Southwest?

I need to get up and do something...... but everything I do is aimed at packing my things out by the garage door...   Nervous...  Who me?

Retired Rod


  1. No use putting yourself in danger. Sit back and relax. You won't have time once you hit the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It's not all that warm here but no snow or ice. You stay put til the roads clear. Snow you can drive in. But not black ice.

  3. Staying safe and warm in a house is far better than being cold and in a ditch waiting on a tow. Enjoy the snow for now.

  4. Nothing is good in black ice. Nothing is good when fog freezes either. Just sit back and wait until the temperature climbs a bit. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

  5. I traded the Jeep off today. I now have just a regular car - one that gets twice the gas mileage. So, when you get back you can see it, but it will be here so no reason to get in a hurry.


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