Friday, August 3, 2012

A day off in Santa Fe

In a nutshell we spent the day driving around in Santa Fe…   We drove up the main drag from the South end of the town and eventually arrived in the North end where the state capitol is located in the old historic district…

For those not familiar, the district is very narrow one way streets with Mexican style adobe buildings with the roof poles extending out from the walls…  Some of the buildings are 150 years old, and others are just built like that to mimic the old look…  The original buildings are not the least bit square, and the roofs are uneven.. But the modern day structures have a modern day frame within them and the outside surface only looks old style…. And they are square and straight…

Tenants in the modern structures are Merrill Lynch and banks and things, where the very expensive ladies shops tend to be in the old structures..  In the center of town in a town square, El Centro, where there were porches with indian folks displaying authentic wares…  At least it didn’t look like made in China, but who knows…?

We spent some of the morning looking this old section of town over, but Loyce wasn’t too interested in the shops because she says it is dramatically over priced….  And that works for me….  We drove around the capitol building and some of the other government buildings and headed back to the South end of town….  Wal Mart!!

The rest of the day was hanging around the campground as it was 93 here in the middle of the afternoon….

We did have a momentary dust up this evening, as Loyce was out with Biscuit walking over to the dumpster and dog park…  Seems that under our truck where I had parked it was an ant hole.  A rather large one, and Loyce had the door open rummaging thru the stuff.  And Biscuit was her playful self only the ants running all over the place didn’t see it that way, and began to attack her paws….  She let out a horrendous awk! and Loyce had to carry her back to the camper…

We looked for sticker barbs thinking she had a cactus spine, but couldn’t find one..  But then she would let out the bark again the second we put her down…  She still had ants in her fur….   I spotted one on the floor and killed it..  Biscuit got an immediate bath which drowned the rest of the critters…

I carry a gallon of spray insecticide which was retrieved from under the front slide, and I was after a bunch of ants…  Had to move the truck to the front of our site, and there they were….  With the trigger squirter they couldn’t get away….  I ran a deluge down the hole in the ground, and the the little buggers were doing their death dance as they kept going in and out of the hole…  I hope we got the whole nest, but the ground is littered with ant carcasses, and after a while, all movement stopped…..  Perhaps Biscuit learned something…..Nah…  Everything is her buddy….

Tonight it is really raining and the wind became strong enough that it was rocking the MH and whipping the slide awning on the big slide.  So that had to come in, and I think it will stay in even after bed….

Our high here was 93 today at 7000 feet.  It was over 100 all around us to the South… Coming up here worked to get out of the heat.

Retired Rod


  1. I enjoy your blog...I wish you would post more pictures of your travels.

  2. Hey, I see the west London Bicycle shop spammers have left a comment on your blog as well - I got one this morning too - spray some of the ant killer on your new laptop that should get rid of it.

    We liked old town Santa Fe as well but did find it pretty expensive. Those Indian crafts folks seem to do pretty well though from what I could see.


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