Thursday, August 23, 2012

Biscuit is shaved, and signing up for medicare on the phone.

Its interesting that your title of the daily blog post is so important as to how many hits you will get in a day....  My post from yesterday about the fellow that passed away on the night before all the riders would arrive in his town is kind of interesting, if you believe in fate and that kind of stuff..

But I remember not knowing what to put on it as a title....  Man dies before Riders arrive!  Corny and too newspaper like...   A friend passes in the night...., Several felt tears....  I just didn't know what to say, so I must have forgotten to put anything on it...

Link here, and here for Romeo Rider Forum posts..

So I only had 38 hits on the post all day long...  I went back to the Romeo forum (above) and found myself in a couple of the pictures in Mel's driveway, and that even teared me up....  And I hardly knew him..   So titles on these posts are important, if you want to get any hits at all....


Loyce called over to Biscuit's old groomer's place in Missouri this morning, and Caroline wasn't busy today at all....   " Ya want to bring her right now?"  Biscuit didn't know what hit her....  A big car ride, Yea!!

Uh, that didn't work out quite like she was planning, but she was shaggy after 8 or more weeks since before we went to Arizona......  She was done by late in the afternoon and Loyce went after her...

Tonight she has been just killed!!  Laying around on the floor over in the corner and not even interested in an animal cracker from the cookie jar...

She thinks it is my fault that she had to go there and get all her hair cut off....  Are you really going to take my picture??  Just leave me alone......!

As for me, I spent a long time on the phone with the AARP health care folks, phone enrolling for coverage and the part D prescription coverage...  They have to read all of the possibilities to you and have you state that you understand them....

The application for the part D part is recorded to a digital audio file and saved because folks must call later and  claim that they didn't know it worked that way......   Uh, is this your voice?  Did you say you understood?

For those that did read yesterday, I finally found the Lumix camera, in the camera bag.  It's not supposed to be in there!!   That's for the big DSLR......  A senior moment......?

Well who knows, but after examining it, I see that even more of the display is now gone....   I can't even see the menu items or select anything other than the default.....  Mailing it off somewhere to get fixed is $110 plus the $20 shipping both ways, that's $150 for 2 year old technology...  What to do?

I tried to find the part and experiment but there is discrepancy as to which display it takes, and even that would be taking a big chance that I could get the camera apart and put back together....

So I got to looking and the zs20 came out this January.... Mine was a zs7...  The 20 part was for 20x optical zoom, and the old one is 12x.  I looked briefly at the new mirrorless interchangable lens models, but they were twice the price..  And bigger too...

I use this camera as a small point and shoot where I am riding the Scooter and stuff...  If I need a good (big) camera I'll get out the Nikon...  I broke down and ordered the zs20...  Didn't tell Loyce because she was gone at the time...  If she reads this blog, I'll be in trouble....  But hey, I didn't order another watch anyway....

And speaking of watches, I spent an hour working on one of the watches that I pulled the tiniest little pin out of accidentally.....  And promptly lost it in the carpet of the motorhome...  It took a couple of weeks to call and order the little tube and nail set, I think they called it.  Its under the diver's flip lock safety clasp..

We are still looking for my watch tweezers, so I had to put it in with needle nosed pliers and hold it while nailing it...  I'm not a watch technician and my technique is poor, which makes my language un printable.......  But eventually, the new pieces are in and I have worn it all day without it returning to the broken state....

Now, I need to title this post to see if I can attract a few hits!  Let's see, Naked doggy comes home!!!  That might be a bit over the top.....

Retired Rod


  1. I have never been able to figure out what gets more hits or why, but I do know that more people read my blog when I was in an RV, and though the totals are down, I still get more hits when I'm traveling someplace, even in the car.

    I missed a lot of yesterday's blogs because of spending the night at my daughter's house. For some reason I couldn't get the internet - either their cable or my MiFi. I thought I'd have to make a trip to the Apple store but when I came home I did something that made it work again.

  2. I rarely start writing until I've come up with a title. Not sure if that's right or not.
    Is there a procedure? Should there be one?
    I used to look at hits most every day, but I don't seem to bother too much lately.
    I was quite surprised early on to find out just who was reading, and where they were. And these were folks who were not bloggers. Don't even know how they found me.

    That doggie doesn't look too terribly happy. She'll get over it. Dogs are great that way.

  3. That is one dirty look you are getting from Biscuit!

  4. This will get you hits: 5 pounds of uncut cocaine. Work it in. You'll have more traffic than you can deal with.
    I enjoy your blog. I don't think my hits count because I read you in Google Reader, but I do read. And don't have even 1 pound of uncut cocaine.

  5. Biscuit looks so unhappy with you. So funny. You need to tell her we all think she is a pretty girl. I gave up looking at hits because I don't have a clue as to who or who isn't reading my blog. So I just write it for me and see what happens.

  6. That's why I use the same titles for each day of the week, if I can remember them, no reason then to worry about thinking up a neat title. or how many hits you get, it like a take it or leave it thing. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Biscuit's grooming job looks great but she sure doesn't look too happy with you - what a dirty look!

    I'm sure you'll like your new camera too.

    As for blog titles, that's usually the last thing I do on my posts and it's sometimes the most difficult part.

    1. Yes Rick, I too save the naming of the blog for last, as I recap what I have written and see what the overall theme has been....

  8. Thanks...finally a picture of Biscuit!
    Even one where she is giving you a dirty look, is better than none at all.
    That is strange as most dogs love it when they are groomed and prance around showing off.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.


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