Saturday, August 25, 2012

Travel to the Lake Cabin

Some time yesterday, we decided that it had been too long since we had been to the lake cabin..  We don't feel comfortable leaving the cabin for long periods of time without dropping by to check things out once in a while...

Trip to Lake Ozark
In the winter when we turn off the water pressure, we feel more secure that bad things won't happen while we are gone, but in the summer we leave the water on..

Our son and his family had been here for a week in the middle of July directly after the 4th holiday, and they reported that nothing was unusual during their stay, but we had to stay in Arizona longer than we had originally anticipated...

Once back in Kansas, things needed attention, and we couldn't seem to pull away for a day or two...   But with the Doctor appointments taken care of for this week and nothing on the schedule now that grandkids are back in school, we took off mid morning..

It was kind of a lazy trip, as I didn't drive fast at all, and we stopped for a Wendy's in Belton, Mo..  Just rolling along seeing the sights, and noting that the farmers fields are burned to a crisp...  Some of the crops are being chopped down rather than being harvested...

That is going to be really hard on folks in the country...  Some will have drought insurance, but most will just have to see it thru till next year...  With prices going up because of the fuel price that is going to make for some lean Christmas plans this year.

Our cabin was in fine shape, but with the AC set at 90, the house was rather hot inside.  It was only 91 outside, but without the AC it is usually ten degrees warmer inside, so we leave it on.

Years ago we didn't do that, but the furniture and lamp shades all turned yellow from the heat, so we have learned our lesson.

We also went into town tonight for a stop at the Wal Mart, but didn't do anything else....  With school back in session, the lake is mostly deserted now...  Also labor day is next weekend and folks will return for their last time this year, so that makes this weekend a dud for most.

We will return with the family next weekend as well, but this weekend will be used to clean and get ready for the holiday...

Biscuit is confused, as every time we seem to be here we have the grandkids with us.  Either with or without their parents...  She has gone down to the lower level of the house looking in the bedrooms for the kids since we arrived and can't seem to understand why they aren't here..

She has been whining at me to go get the kids, like I have cheated her out of them....  Darn it dad, they're supposed to be here.....

Retired Rod


  1. It seems like you were just readying it for the winter. Hard to believe a whole year has come and gone.

  2. Glad to hear everything is alright at the lake, you sure don't need any more water hassles. That's funny about Biscuit, it just shows that dogs do have good memories.


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