Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning carpets and driving thru Sedalia..

Do you ever have those days that are not a bit exciting at all?  Like today, we decided that we needed to do some spot cleaning of the carpet in the lake cottage.  With grand kids and three families trouping in and out all the time from the outside driveways, the carpet can be rather ratty in quick order..

I find that using that chemical soap that is designed for the carpet cleaning machine, doesn't come out of the rug completely...  We purchased the machine several years ago, and have to use it quite often, especially if we use that chemical soap stuff.

It is a low suds product, and I come back the second time with clear water for a good rinse, but still the suds keep coming out of the fabric...  Once it is all dry, I feel the soap in the fiber when down on the floor, playing with the kids and the dog.

And it can't be good for the dog or the kids either, so...  Today we used water and  clear vinegar.  About a cup in the tank of the bissell machine full of water..  It probably holds a little more than a gallon all full..

Now that doesn't get all the spots up where things have been spilled, like cola and tea, so I was spotting with Resolve spray and then coming back and rinsing with the vinegar water rinse...  Seemed to work well, and I found that I was sucking up old soap from the last time the carpet had been cleaned...

That old soap tends to clean off the bottoms of folks shoes and trash your just cleaned carpet, so we'll see how it works out this time.

I didn't have the vinegar on hand, so I used that excuse to ride the scooter up to the grocery store in Lake Ozark mid morning.  The bike started right up instantly with the sea foam and stabil mixed into its gas...  The chemicals had been in the engine for two days, and that must have cleared the build up of goop, as it was running like new.

Perhaps a little in the outboard tank wouldn't be a bad idea either...

We packed up and left by 3:30 in the afternoon and arrived back here in KC by about 6:15..  We drove thru the town of Sedalia, Mo where the Escapee's plan to have their Rally later next month..  The state fair is over and traffic seemed normal again in the town....  We usually avoid Sedalia for most of the month of August because of the state fair and its associated activities..    I think the fair was over on the 19th, and today was the 27th, so we are 8 full days beyond its close.

Escapade will start on Sept 16th running for 5 days....   From their website.....

Escapade is a five-day, fun-filled, informational event centered around the RV way of life. Often referred to as a “rally,” Escapade delivers an extensive line-up of educational workshops and lifestyle presentations for the RV enthusiast.
First held in Bakersfield, Calif., in 1979, with 24 families attending, the event now attracts over 1,500 attendees from across the nation and internationally. For the serious RVer, Escapade is the premier opportunity to learn or refine the nuances of a lifestyle that continues to attract devotees. It’s also a great way to meet likeminded folks enjoying the adventure that their “home on wheels” conveys. With almost 60,000 active family members, Escapees RV Club members share a very special bond and a passion for RV travel. You may meet as strangers, but you will part as more than friends.
We always talk about attending when it is in Missouri, but something seems to always come up that gets in our way....  The show alternates with Gillette Wyoming, so there is really no excuse for us not going when its here..

Tomorrow is another Tuesday, and the Romeo Riders are headed way up North of the KC metro into rural Missouri up by St. Joseph..  It makes me ride thru the center of downtown to get there....  Usually on the interstates, or else it would include some neighborhoods that I would choose to avoid.....  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.... It's about 60 miles each way...

I've babbled along here long enough, so have a good day!

Retired Rod


  1. If you ever attend an Escapade you will be in awe at the number of RVs that can be packed into one location. Kathy and I attended the 2010 Escapade in Goshen, Indiana. What we learned in the period of time was priceless and as the ad said you leave with many new friends. Try it, you won't be dissappointed. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


  2. Rod, if you can see your way to going to the Escapee's Rally Donna & I are going, be nice to meet up with you guys. Have a great week. Sam & Donna..

  3. Every day I'm able to roll out of bed is exciting! Now let me tell you about how exciting laundry can be.... :)

  4. Wouldn't cleaning carpets with vinegar make your house smell like an English 'fish 'n chip' store?

    Escapee's are those folks who always want to get in your face and hug, right? Think I'll stay away from them.

    1. Mostly its the gals that want a hug, and I'm OK with that, but us guys tend to do handshakes....LOL But I must report that I have never met a non likable Escapee!


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