Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Android dock

Remember how I said that I would mess around with this new android tablet and decide if I was keeping it before buying some accessories for it...?

That almost bit me today, as I had to decide if I could live without it or keep it...  Remember it was a black Friday special with $100 off, and it is now back to its regular price.....  So no, I will not be taking it back.....  It works nicely  thank you.. other than my fat fingers don't type well on it....

Ya can't blame my lack of dexterity on the tablet though.  So maybe I should have gotten the little docking station and keyboard to go with it......uh.... Wasn't it $99, but that was $50 off too...  Normally $149....  I just hate my own indecision.....

I looked on line and they were cheaper than Best Buy but were all out of stock...  And a call to Best Buy  revealed that our Signal Butte store was out of both the tablets and the docks...... Boy I Messed this one up, even if I do pay the bigger price..

Well there's a Best Buy over by the Fuddruckers on Power..  And it was to be over 80 this afternoon....  Motorscooter ride!  I stopped by Target to see if they still had some but the kid there said only Apple was normal stock.....  Nope, too big of a price.....!

Once over at BB they didn't have any of the tablets left but they had some keyboard docks...  But the price was now $149...  Ya, I knew that, but started into my "aww gee, that's just my luck" routine....  "Dog gone it!!  I knew I should a bought it Saturday... I'm gonna just hate myself  for days.............."

The young man looked at me and said that he had been indecisive like that before and paid the price for it as well....  I'll ring it up here if you want...  So I said go ahead, but I can't watch.....

So he rings it up and it comes up $149,,,  then he looks at me and back at the register and pushes a couple of keys and it switches to $99....  Then he looks back at me and winks..... see its still on sale....!!   I quietly say Thank You, and give him my card....

He had several docks and no matching computers, so he must have made a decision to send one down the road....  I was the tool to make that happen.

This dock is the bottom half of the laptop with the keyboard and mouse touch pad in it... The tablet plugs in the back like a screen..  It has a second battery and a USB adapter, along with a full sized SD card socket...  Plug your camera chip in and transfer away..

Now you attach the power cord to the dock, as the tablet plug is now the connection to the dock.. It charges both batteries at once...  Fold the tablet down over the keys just like a laptop when your done and the screen goes into standby, like a tablet...

Move over net book!!! And this whole deal was under $380 before tax....?  I'm a little old to jump up and kick my heals together but in my mind I just did...

But no its not an Apple.......  I can run a file manager on the memory to move things around.

Retired Rod


  1. Nice going on the new toy. Sometimes a little whimpering can go a long way.

  2. Now that's customer service. When we make it over your way you're just going to have to show me how it works - in a very simple way, of course.

  3. Nice of the guy at Best Buy to give you a deal - sometimes a bit of wimpering can go a long way. It's funny how we go and buy tablets and then aren't satisfied until we turn them into laptops! Go figure!

  4. You were very lucky to get such a good deal. I want my MacbookPro laptop back, and if I ever get well enough to go back over to the Apple store, I'm going to try to get it refurbished.


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