Sunday, December 9, 2012

I promised pictures...

I was digging around on my picture memory card and found this picture of Mr Froggy...  I think he kind of looks like he had a few too many.... LOL..

He is a valuable member of our family.....  Well, colorful anyway...

Here is the new Mr Pot...  He's on the corner of our back deck but hasn't found a flower to live inside of him...

The importer fellow called this one Sedona because it has the red mountains....  He had the exact same one with brown mountains which he said were the Chocolate mountains....  They call this group of pottery Pueblo...  Like a small city.... Not sure why that is.....

I took this picture the other day before Mr Pot  found his way to the corner in the far right of the concrete...

The broken pot was on that shelf in the corner above Retired Rod ...  At least I didn't take a picture of the broken piece..... Duh..

Biscuit left her tennis ball out there for me to trip on....  Not much winter going on here.......

Retired Rod


  1. I like that whole lack of lawnmower requirement program you have going on there. Just have to yank out the odd weed now and again I would imagine?

  2. I also love the no grass...less work....Tucker is a tennis ball fanatic they are everywhere...reminds me of the day I'd stroll to the bathroom in the middle of the night...and step on the kids leggo..ugh

  3. It's looking really good at your house. Love that frog.

  4. Your yard looks great Rod, wish ours was that size!

  5. Nice yard - no grass and a big brick fence! Thanks for the pix.

  6. Is that red flowering plant by the empty pot an hibiscus? If so, it will need protection on cold nights. A blanket over it, or a floodllight or something. I planted several when I moved to Phoenix, and they all got killed by the first frost.


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