Monday, December 17, 2012

Back in the cold

I'm never used to coming back here in cool, no cold Kansas....  It was 36 degrees this morning and we were socked in with ground fog....  As I was headed up to Wal Mart looking for groceries for breakfast...

Of course everything that we would need to make anything to eat was not on hand....  When we loaded out to go to Arizona, we were loading the motorhome with its large four door fridge...  So naturally we cleaned out most of the food that wasn't frozen...    So no eggs, milk, bread, butter, meat, well you get the idea, it was old mother Hubbard's cupboard...  But we had dog bones!!

So as I was reading all the Arizona and California blogs today about rain and 55 degrees, it was still 20 degrees better than here...  We never saw the sun for a minute... and that is precisely why we go to Arizona in the winter......  Its almost always sunny sometime during the day...

I wanted some comfort food.....  so I purchased a three pound piece of beef round to make a beef stew....  Onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes.....  And a big carton of beef bullion stock...  Its kind of a slow process to brown the meat and cut up all the stuff.....  Simmer for a couple of hours and then add the potatoes....  But when your cold all over........

Loyce declared mid afternoon when she was getting a second bowl, that this stuff is really good.....  She wasn't much on board as I was making the kitchen into a big mess....  It simmered in the cast iron pot for half of the afternoon but with adding the potatoes last, they stayed together...

I like chicken and home made noodles too, but winter is never a good time for keeping your weight down....   Fresh egg noodles rolled out on the stone counter top....  Cut and hung out to dry on racks...  I remember my grandma had them on metal racks made just for that purpose...

See why I don't do well when shut inside with the kitchen....    And Tuesday is the Romeo Riders lunch at a fancy place that specializes in fried chicken...  Best fried chicken in KC....  In a suburb called Martin City..

Other than watch TV and study the internet, that was our day...  Well Loyce is busy getting the Christmas stuff done, but I am not allowed to participate in that.....

Retired Rod


  1. 34 this morning when I headed off swimming but the sun is up and shining brightly now.

  2. I agree, Rod, there's nothing like a good beef stew on a cold winter day. I can't imagine every cutting noodles and hanging them out to dry though - I'd eat them and like them for sure if someone else did the 'washing and drying'!!

  3. Rod - Sorry you are in the cold, stay warm and focus on your return to the sunshine of Arizona! Happy Holidays.

  4. The sun is out here finally. Not real warm but sunny so that makes it much easier to handle. I made hamburger soup the other day. Was wonderful. But I think your stew sounds better.

  5. OK, there's something just not right here. We're at around 8 C, which is what? 46 F. I think we're supposed to be colder than you guys, yes? Mind you, you could just go back to sunny Arizona, whereas we're more or less here for the duration.
    Bundle up.


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